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Celebrate life with a fitting send-off. If you’re looking to find funeral directors in Mansfield to compare costs and funeral services, our directory will make it easier. Here you’ll find independent family-run funeral directors, as well as well-known names like Co-op and A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service Mansfield. Our listings cover Mansfield plus surrounding areas, so you can find the right one for you. 

Planning a funeral in Mansfield

Mansfield has a few funeral options including a shared-responsibility crematorium and 4 cemeteries. For religious services, Mansfield has churches, chapels and a couple of mosques.

Find a Mansfield crematorium

If you’re planning a cremation, there is one crematorium in Mansfield. Others are a little further out:
  • Mansfield and District Crematorium (council run)
  • Sherwood Forrest Crematorium
  • Gedling Crematorium

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Mansfield

There are 4 cemeteries found in and near Mansfield:
  • Mansfield Cemetery (council owned and has sections for Christians, Catholics and Muslim burials)
  • Mansfield Woodhouse Cemetery
  • Pleasley Hill Cemetery
  • Warsop Cemetery
You can find more details about Mansfield cemetery and crematorium listings on the District Council website.

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