How Alicia did it for Poppa

  • Lots of laughter
  • Plenty of music
  • Celebration of life
Poppa 3   Alicias story

Danielle's story

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Unattended cremation
  • Keeping costs low
Danielle Image Cropped

Richard's story

  • Gaining rights to an existing grave
  • Switching funeral directors
  • Elvis funeral songs
Richard and Jean

Katie's story

  • Low cost
  • Pets at the funeral
  • Funny songs

Roger's story

  • Large funeral
  • Irish Catholic ceremony
  • Taking ashes overseas

Planning Alastair’s funeral

  • Large ceremony
  • Live music
  • Bentley hearse
Black and white photo of newsreader Alastair Yates

Marsha's story

  • No-fuss funeral
  • Simple service
  • Lots of guests
 a bunch of flowers laid on a coffin at a simple funeral service.

Saying goodbye to Ollie

  • Small and intimate
  • Hospital chapel
  • Donations instead of flowers
Ollie Feet

Last Post on the bugle for Lance

  • Military funeral
  • Soldier pallbearers
  • Football club colours and songs

How Steph did it for Liz

  • Humanist funeral
  • Visiting the chapel of rest
  • Planning from a distance

Celebrating Polly’s life

  • Celebration of life
  • Colourful clothes
  • Quintessentially British
A young woman and her mum pose for a photo on a sunny day

A final ta-ra to James

  • Peaky Blinders theme
  • 1920s dress code
  • Custom coffin

Szczepan’s story

  • Rainbow coffin
  • Champagne on arrival
  • 200+ guests
Szczepan Main Image

Shaun’s story

  • Celebration of life
  • Football anthems
  • 200+ guests
IMG 20240312 124426 (1) Cropped

How Sunny did it for Bapu-Ji

  • Hindu funeral
  • Prayers and hymns
  • 200+ guests
Family meal community dinner

Planning Nanna May’s funeral

  • Planned remotely
  • Visual tributes
  • Funeral keepsakes
Nanna May Cropped

A joint funeral for Pauline and Johnny

  • Joint funeral
  • Two hearses
  • Shared eulogy
Louise Cropped 2

Nigel’s story

  • Planning two funerals at once
  • Horse and carriages
  • Keeping ashes
Nigel 1 Cropped

How Pat planned her own funeral

  • Planning ahead
  • Writing your own eulogy
  • Quirky coffin
claudia love L30rgHYSyuU unsplash

Huzaifah’s story

  • Sunni Islamic funeral
  • Ghusl and janazah in England
  • Burial in Pakistan
Haych 2 Cropped

Saying goodbye to Manjit

  • Traditional Sikh funeral
  • Open casket
  • Serving langar
White and yellow flowers in front of a tribute photo at a funeral

How to arrange a funeral step-by-step guide

Need to arrange a funeral? Not sure where to start? We've put together this guide to make planning a funeral easier.