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Making funeral arrangements

Whether you need a step-by-step guide to arranging a funeral, or just a little help with specific parts of the service, we’re here to help. Learn about choosing a funeral director, finding a venue, arranging transport or anything else you have in mind. Our guides are here to make things a little bit more manageable.

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Planning your own funeral

Thinking about the future? And how you’d like your funeral to look? Whether you want something simple and fuss-free or you’d like to make sure that your life is celebrated by your family and friends when you’re gone, we can help. Take a look at our resources on planning your own funeral, funeral plans and life insurance.

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Choosing a funeral director

You don’t have to choose the first funeral director that’s recommended to you. Remember that you can explore your options before making a choice. Use our guides to help you understand what’s available to you, from online providers to direct cremation specialists. It’ll help give you a better understanding of what’s right for you.

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Types of funeral explored

Funerals are as unique as the people they celebrate. There are countless different types of funerals out there, including religious ceremonies, non-religious ceremonies, attended funerals, unattended funerals and everything in between. Learn more about the different types that you might plan or attend - for inspiration or to know what to expect.

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Green funerals

Green funerals are a great option for anyone who cares deeply about the planet or wants to leave the smallest environmental impact possible. If you’re considering a green funeral for yourself, or if you’d like to plan an eco-friendly funeral for a loved one, find the info you need.

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Funeral poems, readings and music

Readings and music can make it a little easier to share our thoughts, memories and feelings when someone has died. Find inspiration for the funeral service or for something to write in a card or letter. You might also find something you can turn to again and again for comfort.

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