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Finding a funeral director in Eltham is made simple with the free search and comparison tool from Your Funeral Choice. Using our tool, you can sort by distance, location or price and compare prices side by side from local funeral directors.

Funeral Services in Eltham

A funeral director is there to offer support and guidance with funeral planning. They will typically do all of the post-death paperwork, arrange for the body to be picked up from the residence and taken to the funeral home, do any pre-funeral preparations and transportation on the day of the funeral to the ceremony.

Funeral Costs

Funerals vary in price, which of course also includes funeral director prices. There are many other aspects to think about when it comes to cost too. However, you are not alone. Our advice centre offers a range of useful advice articles and resources to help you understand what costs are involved in a funeral and how to plan a budget for your loved one’s ceremony. Your loved one may have planned in advance with a prepaid funeral plan or funeral insurance, but this may not be the case - especially in a sudden or early death. Funeral services not usually included in the directors’ prices listed are:

  •       Burial or cremation costs
  •       Any additional medical certificates that may be required
  •       Celebrant or clergy fees for conducting the ceremony.

Any extras, such as floral tributes to adorn the coffin or personalised printed orders of services, will usually be arranged through third party vendors at an additional cost. Premium coffins and memorial headstones will vary in price depending on materials used and any extra customisation. Lastly, if you are arranging a wake after the funeral for family and friends to join, you will need to think about venue hire and any catering costs. This is by no means a requirement, however, it is a nice way for family and friends to get together after the service and remember the deceased. These are all costs to think about when planning a funeral. If you have a bigger budget, then there are a whole host of extras that you can include. If the deceased enjoyed music, then it might be within your budget to include a musician instead of recorded music; there are many musicians who specialise in playing music for funerals. You may also wish to transport the coffin in an unusual carriage, such as a horse and cart or a novelty vehicle. For more information on funeral costs, visit our advice centre.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a simple funeral service with no mourners present, no celebration of life or ceremony. The body is then cremated and the remains returned to the family at a later date without a funeral ceremony. You may wonder why someone would choose this option, especially if they have a large number of people wanting to pay their respects. However, this is an option growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons someone may choose a direct cremation include that it helps to keep the cost down, due to less resources used. It also enables family and friends to have a more unique memorial service further down the line, emotions are typically running very high just after a death and so this enables the family to plan something at their own pace especially if people have to travel a long distance to be able to attend. Others may simply just not wish to have a ceremony and the close family and friends may simply gather separately from a ceremony. You are able to search for Funeral Directors in your area who specialise in direct cremation by using our free search and comparison tool found here.

Help and Advice

Looking for more information about planning a funeral? There are many resources and organisations that are able to provide help. Our free advice centre provides advice to help with bereavement and answer questions you may have.

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