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Are you searching for a funeral director in Woolwich? Let us help you find the right one for you. Our online directory is set up so you can easily compare independent funeral directors, as well as national funeral homes in Woolwich, The Royal Borough of Greenwich and beyond. So whether you’re looking for a great value service, a send-off that meets the requirements of a particular faith, or you would like to take a less traditional approach, you can be sure you’ll find the right Woolwich funeral directors below.

Planning a funeral in Woolwich

With Eltham Crematorium in the Borough of Greenwich as well as 4 others close by, you can be sure you’ll be able to find the right setting if your loved one had a preference for being cremated. If burial was their expressed wish, you’ll find a wide range of both traditional cemeteries, dedicated faith burial sites and natural burial grounds within around 10 miles. And if you’re looking to arrange a religious service as part of the funeral, places of worship can be found in the immediate vicinity for most faiths or religions.

Find a Woolwich crematorium

There are 5 crematoriums within 15 miles of Woolwich:

  • Eltham Crematorium (Royal Borough of Greenwich)
  • Hither Green Crematorium (Lewisham Council)
  • East London Crematorium (privately run)
  • Honor Oak Crematorium (Southwark Council)
  • City of London Cemetery & Crematorium (City of London)

Find a Woolwich cemetery or burial ground

There are lots of lovely cemeteries in the vicinity of Woolwich, both municipal and privately run. You’ll be sure to find the right location to lay your loved one to rest as they would have wished. Whether you have specific requirements of religion or faith or you’re looking for a less traditional burial in a woodland setting, browse the list below as a start point for your research.

  • Woolwich Cemetery (Royal Borough of Greenwich)
  • Charlton Cemetery (Royal Borough of Greenwich)
  • Hillview Cemetery (Bexley Council)
  • Eltham Cemetery (Royal Borough of Greenwich)
  • Bexleyheath Cemetery (Bexley Council)
  • Hither Green Cemetery (Lewisham Council)
  • Woodgrange Park Cemetery (privately run)
  • The East London Cemetery (privately run)
  • GreenAcres Kemnal Park Cemetery & Ceremonial Park (privately run)
  • East Ham Jewish Cemetery (The United Synagogue)
  • Eternal Gardens Muslim Burial Ground

You can find more details about Woolwich crematorium and cemetery listings on the Royal Borough of Greenwich council website. We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries and crematoriums listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.

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