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Looking for info about Islamic funeral and burial costs? Islamic funeral costs can differ slightly from the cost of a non-religious funeral, for example. To give you a better idea of the cost we’ve provided more details below. We hope it helps you plan the funeral you want for your loved one. 

How much does an Islamic funeral cost? 

The cost of an Islamic funeral can range from £2,500 to £7,000. These costs will vary depending on the funeral director you use, where you live and the cemetery you choose. So it helps to have a clearer idea of what you might expect when planning the funeral. The table below will help you understand what you’ll need to pay for and where you may be able to keep costs down if you need to. 

Please note: The costs below are estimates from Muslim funeral directors across the country. Costs will change depending on the funeral director and cemetery you choose, where you live and what parts of the funeral you include. 

Service Estimated cost Things to consider
Funeral director’s fee £250 - £1,250 This will depend on where you live and what funeral director you use.
Taking care of any legal paperwork or administration related to the funeral or burial £0 - £100 Some funeral directors may include this as part of their overall funeral director’s fee.
Picking up the person who died from the hospital or from home £100 - £250 Some funeral directors only pick up a person within a certain area. Or they may charge extra for this service to pick them up from further away.
Ghusl (washing and shrouding) £100 - £175 You and your family may want to take care of bathing your loved one yourselves according to Sunnah. If you do, you may not be charged for this. Or you may be encouraged to help with the ritual washing at the masjid (mosque).
Kaffan (shroud)


or coffin suitable for burial

£0 - £450



Depending on your faith and masjid a coffin may not be allowed. And it may not be what you want for your loved one. According to Sharĩ’ah, burial in shrouds is preferred unless there is a medical reason. So discuss what is suitable with the funeral director.
Transporting the body after Ghusl to the mosque or home and onto the cemetery £200 - £500 You may be charged extra if the masjid or cemetery is outside of a certain area.
Imam’s services and Salat al-Janaza (Islamic funeral prayer) £0 -£200 Sometimes donation-based depending on the masjid.
Burial £1,750 - £4,500

This cost may or may not include a burial fee, lease of or exclusive right to the burial plot and maintenance. So always check this with the funeral director/cemetery.

You can find more details about this in our guide to burial costs in the UK.


Extra funeral costs to consider 

According to Sharĩ’ah it’s important to bathe, shroud and bury the person who died as quickly as possible. Cemeteries and funeral directors that support the Islamic community will understand the need to have your loved one taken care of and buried quickly.  

But if possible get in touch with the cemetery as soon as you can – early in the morning is best. This will make it easier to get a same day burial. And it will help you avoid any extra costs from a cemetery that may charge more for organising a burial later in the day. 

If you need to arrange repatriation for the person who has died, this will be an extra cost as well. Repatriation services can start from £1200-2000, but can cost a lot more depending on where you need the person’s body to be sent. Prices will also vary depending on the funeral director you choose and any 3rd party costs, such as freight charges or transport to the airport.  

Need to stick to a budget? 

Using a funeral director who specialises in Islamic funeral services may help you organise the funeral more easily. It may help to know you can lean on your community too. But keep in mind that if you feel comfortable taking on more of the organisation yourself you don’t have to use a funeral director. You could ask the masjid for more support and instead organise the burial and other funeral arrangements yourself depending on what you feel comfortable with.  

Worried about the cost of an Islamic funeral? 

It’s understandable that the cost of a funeral may be worrying you. If you’re struggling you may be able to get financial help.  

Planning for Islamic funeral costs in advance 

If you’d like to put money aside specifically for a Muslim funeral, you’ve got a couple of options: 

  • Set up a prepaid funeral plan, where you organise and pay for funeral expenses in advance. Depending on your faith, you may wish to check that the terms of the plan are Sharĩ’ah-compliant. 
  • Join a Muslim funeral committee (also known as a death committee). A funeral committee is like a funeral plan run by a local Muslim community or masjid. Members pay regular instalments and can claim for funeral costs when needed.  
  • Set up a life insurance policy so that your family receive a payout when you die. Not all policies will be Sharĩ’ah-compliant, so you may need to consider this when making you choice. 

It’s also important to remember that different funeral plans, death committees and insurance policies will cover different parts of the funeral. So it’s a good idea to compare options to find one that’s best for you. 


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