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Yes. There are some charities that help with funeral costs across the UK. Some offer grants for funeral costs while others provide financial support for memorials and living costs when a death in your family leaves you with expenses that you hadn’t anticipated. While the government offers some help in the form of the bereavement support payment or the funeral expenses payment, it’s good to know that there are other organisations in the UK who do what they can to help when you lose someone.  

Charities that help with funeral costs in the UK 

Look through the list of charities below to see if you can get some financial support from them after the death of a family member. When you’re looking for help from charities, think about your personal circumstances and the circumstances of the person who died. Their job, their age, or a health condition they lived with may be related to a charity. This can make getting financial help easier. 

Armed forces charities that help with funeral costs 

ABF the soldiers’ charity 

The Army’s national charity gives crisis grants to people who’ve served in the British army or the British Army Reserve. They also give financial help to their families and those who’ve been medically discharged. Make sure you check if you’re eligible because it depends on how long you served. They won’t provide financial help for memorials or headstones and all applications are means tested. But it’s worth getting in touch because each application is considered on its own merits. You don’t need to apply directly. Instead, submit your application through your Regimental or Corps Association. 

RAF benevolent fund 

The Royal Air Force benevolent fund supports people who have served in the RAF and gives grants for funeral costs. You can only get the grant if you aren’t eligible for the government’s funeral expenses payment. But it’s worth getting in touch even if you do get the payment because they may still be able to help towards costs if the government support isn’t enough. Apply for help by filling out their online form or call them on 0300 102 1919 if you have any questions. 

Royal British Legion 

If your spouse, child or carer has passed away and they were in the armed forces, the Royal British Legion may be able to help with their funeral costs. You can call them on 0808 802 8080 or email for more info on how to apply. 

Charities connected to your job that can help with funeral costs 

The charity for civil servants 

If you’re a civil servant (or your spouse is) then this charity could help you with funeral costs. They will consider giving you money towards funeral costs if you’re not eligible for government support and you don’t have other savings or insurance. They’ll only help if the funeral is held in the UK and won’t pay for headstones or memorials. But they do offer up to £3000 depending on your circumstances. If you’ve already paid for the funeral, you’ll need to show them that you went into debt to do this. Just make sure you apply within 9 months of the funeral to make your claim. Check you’re eligible and apply online

Care workers charity 

The Care Workers Charity offers help with funeral costs for people who work in the care sector. 

You may be able to get their crisis funeral grant if: 

  • You’re a care worker and you’re responsible for paying for the funeral of a next of kin 
  • Or you’re the next of kin of a care worker who’s died and you’re responsible for paying for their funeral 

You can’t apply if: 

  • You’ve already had a crisis funeral grant from the charity in the past year 
  • You’re a qualified nurse or NHS employee 

To apply you’ll need to give them: 

  • Proof of where you work (payslip, P60, or P45) 
  • Proof of the funeral costs (invoice from the funeral director) 
  • A bank statement showing your name, account number and sort code 
  • A supporting letter 

  The letter should be written by someone who knows you professionally, such as your manager, doctor, or housing officer. It should explain why you need the crisis funeral grant and the difference it would make to you. 

The retail trust 

This fund supports people who work in any area of the retail industry, whether you’re customer facing or not. They’ll give you financial support if you’re struggling to pay for essentials like utility bills, your mortgage or rent. So, if you find that funeral costs are stopping you from paying for essentials, get in touch with them. They’ll consider each application on a case-by-case basis. 

To qualify you’ll need to: 

  • Give them info on your income 
  • Tell them what you need the money for 
  • Send them proof of where you work 
  • Send them details of your income and savings 
  • Send them a recent bank statement 

Anyone with savings over £4000 will not be able to apply. Check that you’re eligible and apply online

Electrical industries charity 

This charity offers support to people who work in the energy and electrical industries and their families. They give grants to people with a serious illness or disability who need help urgently. This depends on your income and savings. You’ll also need to give them info about your personal circumstances such as your children and your debt. This will help them figure out the best way to help you financially. You can apply online. They also offer other counselling, legal advice, bereavement support, and support for people who have a terminal illness. 

Royal agricultural benevolent fund (RABI) 

RABI is a national charity that offers practical and financial support to the farming community across England and Wales. They also have a sister charity (RSABI) that helps farmers in Scotland. They don’t specifically offer financial help for funeral costs, but their aim is to support farmers when they’re in crisis. This could be due to a farming accident, ill health or a death in the family. They offer a range of grants to people in the farming community – this can be a one-off payment or continuing financial support depending on the person’s specific needs. Confidential support is also available alongside one-to-one counselling if required. The charity will cater their support to you as an individual, so if you work in the agricultural sector and need help with funeral costs, this charity could offer you support.  

Call them directly on 0800 188 4444 or visit for more information. 

Transport benevolent fund 

This charity offers support to people who work in the public transport sector, along with their families. Members may be able to get financial support after the unexpected death of a loved one with their bereavement grant. The grant is £1,000 and is usually given to the bereaved partner, the parent of a dependent child, or a child who was dependent on a single parent. In this case, the grant would be issued to the child or put into trust for the child. This grant could be used for funeral costs or for other day to day costs if you’re struggling financially after the death of your loved one. They also offer a convalescence grant for members who need a period of recovery after a traumatic event such as losing someone or ill health. You won’t be able to use this towards funeral costs. Instead, it’s intended to help you fund a break from work or help with living costs so that you can take the time you need. 

You can learn more and apply for one of the grants at 

Charities that help with children's funerals or memorials 

Child funeral charity 

This charity will offer financial support to you if you’re responsible for organising a baby’s or child’s funeral (under the age of 16). You don’t need to apply directly to the Child Funeral Charity. Instead, a professional involved in organising the funeral should refer you for financial help. This could be your funeral director, a bereavement officer or nurse, your doctor, or faith leader. They’ll need to fill out the application online, so remember to give them details on why you need the financial help. 

Rocky Lee's Little Feet 

The aim of Rocky Lee’s Little Feet is to help bereaved parents following a stillbirth. This charity specialises in funding headstones for stillborn babies if families can’t afford the cost. You can contact them via their Facebook page for more information on how to get help. 

Together for Short Lives 

Together for Short Lives runs The Butterfly Fund. This is a one-off payment of £300 that you can use for any funeral or memorial costs after losing a child to a life-threatening condition. Applications aren’t means tested but you’ll need to ask a professional who was involved in the palliative care of your child to refer you for the grant. The referral form can be filled out online and if you’re eligible you’ll be sent further details so that the grant can be sent to you.  


Rapid, effective assistance for children with potentially terminal illness, also known as React, is a charity that offers support in several ways. They aim to give children with life-changing illnesses greater independence by supplying specialist equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, baths, mobility aids and other domestic appliances. This can also include equipment that helps children with their education or developmentally. But they can also offer support quickly for children in palliative care, and their families who may need help with funeral costs. React is also one of the few charities that helps pay for headstones in the UK or other types of memorials, so that families can honour their child in the way they’d like.  

You can apply for financial support with React online at 

Are there any other charities that can help with funeral costs? 

Leukaemia care 

Leukaemia care doesn’t offer a grant for funeral costs. But they provide grants for essential living costs for people who have leukaemia and the families affected by it. Although their Financial Hardship Fund is meant to go towards essential living costs, they may be able to offer some help with funeral costs if a family member with leukaemia has died. Get in touch with them directly to see if they can help. 

Muslim Burial Fund 

The Muslim Burial Fund helps Muslims who are struggling to pay for a traditional funeral. The charity provides direct support with the funeral, including washing, shrouding, the funeral prayer and the burial service. They specifically help Muslims who are eligible for zakat and are socially isolated, including elderly people in care homes, students, people with limited family support and people with no legal status in the UK. They can also help with end-of-life care and legal paperwork, and offer a rapid response service for those in immediate need. 

National Zakat Foundation (NZF) 

The National Zakat Foundation offers one-off grants to Muslims in the UK who need help with basic living costs. To apply you must be entitled to receive Zakat, and the amount of help you can receive is based on your circumstances and family size. Grants from the NZF do not need to be repaid. 

Find local charities that can help with funeral costs 

Hopefully you’ve found some charities to help with funeral costs from the list above. But if you’re still looking for help remember to check with your local authority. They might have more info on local charities or organisations that could get you the support you need.  

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