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Are funerals held on weekends? The majority of funerals in the UK tend to take place during the week. So if you're considering arranging a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday, you might be wondering whether this is possible. The good news is that, in most areas, you can hold a funeral on the weekend too. But you will need to consider things like budget, which funeral director you want to use and availability before getting started.

What days are funerals held in the UK?

Usually, funerals take place Monday to Friday, either as a morning or midday service. According to Distinct Cremations, the most common day for a funeral in the UK is Monday or Friday. If you’re working to a tighter budget, an early morning ceremony can be a good option since time slots from 12pm onwards are generally the most in-demand and therefore the most expensive.  

Can you have a funerals on Saturday or Sunday?

Funerals on Saturday or Sunday are possible. As we mentioned above, most funerals take place on weekdays. But you shouldn't feel the need to hold a midweek service just because it's common practice.  There are cases where a weekend funeral can better suit you and your guests' schedules. The date and time you choose should be based on what's most convenient for you and your family members (and what coincides with the availability of your funeral director and/or parish).

If you're considering a weekend funeral, contact your chosen funeral director and ask whether they do funerals on Saturday or Sunday, and they'll be able to let you know whether it's possible. If they don't, they might be able to recommend someone who does.

Are funerals more expensive on weekends?

Typically, a funeral on Saturday or Sunday will cost around £500 to £1,000 more than a midweek service, since those involved often charge higher rates for working at the weekend. Again, it’s a good idea to consult your chosen funeral director. They’ll be able to listen to your wants and needs and let you know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

Religious considerations for a weekend funeral

If your loved one was religious and you're planning a religious ceremony, you may need to check whether a funeral on Saturday or Sunday is appropriate.

There's no explicit Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh scripture that forbids a weekend funeral. However, you may find that your local place of worship doesn't offer this option due to being busier with other services on weekends.

In Judaism, Saturday is Shabbat (or Sabbath). This is a day of rest, so funerals on Saturday don't occur in the Jewish faith.