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Can you switch funeral directors? Yes, you can.

A funeral director should do their best to arrange the funeral you want, provide emotional support and take good care of the person who has died. If you’re not happy with their service for any reason, you have the right to choose a different funeral director.

Remember that a funeral director is like any other service provider. You’re free to change your mind or shop around for the best option, just like you would with an electricity provider or insurance company. It might feel strange to do so, but you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Why do people change funeral directors?

Most often, people decide to switch quite early in the process. Perhaps a person died at home and they needed someone to collect the body. Later, when they’ve had time to think, they might change to another funeral director based on other people’s recommendations or their own research.

Other times, people change funeral directors because they’re unhappy with the service they’ve received. Or because they want to save money by switching to a less expensive funeral package.

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"You can always switch if you change your mind and find a better option.”

When can I change funeral directors?

You can change to a different funeral director at any point before the funeral takes place. However, you’ll have to pay for any services that have already been carried out. For instance, you’ll be charged for looking after the body of the person who has died if they’re already in the funeral home’s care.

For this reason, it’s best to change funeral directors as early as possible.

How do I change funeral directors?

It’s quite easy to change funeral directors. Here’s what to do:

  1. Call the funeral director you’d like to switch to. Make sure they’re free to help you arrange the funeral.
  2. Speak to your current funeral director. Tell them you’d like the new funeral home to take over.
  3. Ask what you’ll be charged for the services that have already been carried out. Get this in writing, if possible.
  4. It’s a good idea to tell your new funeral director this has happened, so there’s no confusion.

And that’s it. Your new funeral director should work with your old one to make sure the change goes smoothly.


How to find a new funeral director

Do you want to change funeral directors but don’t know who to choose?

  • Ask friends or family for recommendations. They’ll be able to tell you who they used and if they had a good experience.
  • Try our funeral director search tool. This is good if you need to save money because it lets you compare costs for different kinds of funerals. Simply enter your postcode to see a list of funeral directors in your area.
  • Ask at your local place of worship. If you want a religious funeral, your local mosque, temple or church should be able to recommend funeral directors with experience organising funerals for your faith.

We hope we answered your questions about changing funeral directors. For more funeral planning help, visit our advice centre.

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