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Plan a fitting send-off. There are many funeral directors in Bath and our online directory can help you find the one that’s right for your needs. From independent, family funeral directors to well-known names such as The Co-operative Funeralcare, you’ll find a variety of choices across the city.

Planning a funeral in Bath

If you’re looking for Bath funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoriums that offer the services you need, there are a number of options to be aware of. The city boasts over 20 cemeteries, many of which are council-run as well as one crematorium at Haycombe Cemetery. Alongside these options, there are many places of worship where your personal beliefs can be celebrated. From Anglican to Baptist, Catholic to Sikh, Muslim to Methodist, there are a variety of venues to suit your beliefs. Find the extensive list here.

Find a Bath crematorium

If you’re looking for Bath crematorium services, there is one option:

  • Haycombe Crematorium (council-run) - offers a variety of options when it comes to scattering ashes or you can explore the available tributes, memorials, urns, cremation jewellery and keepsakes.

Visit Bath’s council website to find out more information about Haycombe Cemetery cremations.

Find a burial ground or cemeteries in Bath

If you’re exploring Bath burials, there are several options to be aware of. These are the nearest cemeteries:

  • Abbey Cemetery (council-run) - a popular resting choice for loved ones
  • Haycombe Cemetery (council-run)
  • Wellow Churchyard (council-run)
  • Timsbury Churchyard (council-run)
  • Claverton Churchyard (council-run)
  • Bishop Sutton Churchyard (council-run)
  • Dunkerton Churchyard (council-run)
  • East Harptree Churchyard (council-run)

Inspiring ways to celebrate the life of a loved one

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We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries and crematoriums listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.