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Let us help you in your search for a funeral director in Ware. Our comprehensive online directory allows you to easily compare local independent funeral directors, as well as nationally recognised funeral homes in Ware and the wider Hertfordshire region. We understand that arranging a funeral can be an extremely difficult thing to have to do. And we understand what you’ll be looking for as you work through the process. That’s why we provide all the information you’ll need about the services that are provided as well as the costs you can expect to pay. We’re confident that if you choose one of the Ware funeral directors listed below, you’ll be in safe and supportive hands.

Planning a funeral in Ware

With Wollensbrook Crematorium nearby, as well as 3 others within a reasonable distance, you’ll be able to meet your loved one’s wishes if they wanted to be cremated. There are also numerous cemeteries nearby, offering traditional burials for members of the Christian faith as well as options for people of Jewish or Muslim faith. If you are looking to include a religious service or ceremony in the day’s proceedings, there are plenty of places of worship for all faiths. Nearby Stevenage, Harlow, Welwyn Garden City and the like offer a number of options. You’ll find synagogues, mosques and temples within 10 miles or so as well as a gurdwara a little further away.

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There are 4 crematoriums within 15 miles of Ware:

Find a Ware cemetery or burial ground

There are several cemeteries in and around the Ware area, many of which offer burial to people of all faiths. All land at Hertford Cemetery is consecrated by a Bishop in the Church of England; however, there are no restrictions on who may be buried in this consecrated land. They can also arrange to dig graves to double and even triple depths if you’re looking to be able to be buried with a loved one. Knebworth Cemetery, sometimes called Gun Road Gardens Cemetery, is available to all faiths, Waltham Abbey offers a dedicated Jewish cemetery, while the nearest Muslim cemetery can be found at Waltham Forest near Walthamstow. If you are specifically looking to arrange a green or eco burial, it may be more difficult to find a natural burial site near this area. The closest 2 are Chesham Bois near Amersham and St Alban’s Woodland Burial Ground north of Ware. Both are likely to be around an hour’s drive from the town.

  • Ware Cemetery (Ware Town Council)
  • Hertford Cemetery (Hertford Town Council)
  • Hoddeston Cemetery (Borough of Broxton)
  • Knebworth Cemetery (North Herts Council)
  • Parndon Wood Cemetery (privately run)
  • Bishops Stortford Cemetery (Bishop’s Stortford Town Council)
  • Waltham Abbey Jewish Cemetery
  • Weston Road Cemetery (Stevenage Borough Council)
  • Welwyn Hatfield Cemetery (Welwyn Hatfield Council)

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We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries and crematoriums listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.