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When a loved one passes away, many people face the added stress and pressure of having to organise the funeral. This can be extremely challenging, especially at such a difficult time. Finding some of the funeral directors Comber has to help you make funeral arrangements can therefore alleviate some of that stress. We have collated the contact details, price ranges and website links  of all your local funeral directors, all into one directory. You can browse both independent family-owned funeral homes and larger chains. Browse Funeral Choice’s online directory to help you find a funeral director which feels right for your family.

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Funeral Choice’s online directory includes a selection of funeral directors Comber has available in one place. Each profile provides you with all the starting funeral home prices, so you can make an informed choice. This saves you the stress and hassle of having to carry out your own research.

Trusted, impartial advice

Planning a funeral can feel overwhelming at an emotionally stressful time. Our advice section gives you up to date, free and impartial advice for some of the challenges you may be facing. Whether that be understanding the legalities involved when someone has passed or deciding upon which flowers you wish to have at the ceremony, you can find lots of helpful information by visiting our advice centre here. We cover a broad spectrum of topics, including advice for:

  • Attending a funeral
    • Whether you are just attending or organising a funeral for a loved one, you may have questions about who can attend, what to wear or what to say in a eulogy. Here you can find a selection of articles with advice on attending a funeral and the answers you need.
  • Help for grief and bereavement
    • When you lose someone, its comforting to know there is a place full of advice on the questions you have and resources to help you through the grieving process. Our advice section covers topics such as bereavement leave and how to write a condolence letter.
  • Funeral costs
    • Navigating the financial aspects of planning a funeral can be intimidating. Our advice centre has free and impartial advice about managing the cost involved with a funeral and how you can make sure the person you’ve lost gets the ceremony they deserve, without causing financial strain.
  • Funeral paperwork and law
    • The world of law and paperwork is complex, especially if you’ve recently lost a loved one. We have collated impartial advice to help you to get a clearer idea of what may be required if you are dealing with the legal aspects of losing someone.
  • Funeral planning advice
    • When it comes to organising a funeral, you want to make sure it suits the wishes of your loved one. Our funeral planning advice section gives you the information and resources you need to plan a memorable and respectful service.
  • Useful links
    • Our useful links section collates lots of resources and websites into one place, so you can find the answers you are looking for. Whether it be about finding a local support group or how to help a friend through grief, you can find that information here.

Typical Costs for Funeral Director in Comber

Prices are as accurate as possible, based on the most up to date information for fees relating to a simple funeral package. This includes:

  • All paperwork associate with the death and funeral
  • The collection and preparation of the body
  • The transfer of the body to the funeral service via a hearse or carriage
  • The price of a simple coffin or casket

Funeral Services

Other funeral services to consider include third-party costs often called disbursements, such as:

  • Cremation or burial fees
  • Medical certificate for cremation
  • Clergy or officiant fee for conducting the ceremony

Additional optional costs include:

  • Funeral flowers
  • Memorial (venue hire, catering etc.)
  • Memorial headstone
  • Orders of service

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