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If you need to find a funeral director in Angus or around Dundee and the east coast of Scotland, we’re here to help. In the listings below you’ll find details of local Angus funeral homes as well as both independent and nationally recognised funeral directors in Angus and the surrounding areas. From Carnoustie to Clova, Kinnaber to Kirriemuir, we’ve got Angus covered, so you can find the best option to suit the send-off you’re looking to plan.

Planning a funeral in Angus

Angus offers a wide selection of options for funerals, including 2 crematoriums, as well as a beautiful natural burial ground and many churchyards and cemeteries. For religious services, the area has many churches and chapels, while those looking for Muslim, Jewish or other ceremonies will find

Find an Angus crematorium

While there is no Angus crematorium, as such, if you want to plan a cremation, there are a couple of options, both located within about 20 miles:

  • Parkgrove Crematorium (privately owned)
  • Dundee Crematorium (privately owned)

Find an Angus cemetery or burial ground

There are several council-run and privately-owned cemeteries in Angus, as well as a natural burial ground. These include:

  • Brechin Cemetery (council-run)
  • Western Cemetery, Arbroath (privately owned)
  • Kirriemuir Cemetery (council-run)
  • Tayport Cemetery (council-run)
  • Alyth Cemetery, Blairgowrie (council-run)
  • Shanwell Cemetery, Carnoustie (council-run)
  • Cairnbrae Natural Burial Ground (privately owned)

Check the council website for a full listing of Angus council cemeteries and burial grounds.

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