Find funeral directors in Aberdeen

If you need to find a funeral director in Aberdeen we’re here to help. With our directory you’ll find independent family-run funeral homes, and well-known names like Co-op and Dignity. Our listings cover the whole city, so you can find the right Aberdeen funeral director to help you organise the send-off you want.

Planning a funeral service in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has several options for funerals, including two crematoriums, and two woodland burial grounds just outside of the city. For religious services, the city has many places of worship including churches, cathedrals, mosques, a Buddhist priory, a Quaker meeting house and a synagogue. You can find a list of places of worship in Aberdeen here.

Find Aberdeen crematoriums

If you’re planning a cremation, there are two crematoriums near Aberdeen:

  • Aberdeen Crematorium in central Aberdeen
  • Baldarroch Chapel and Crematorium in Cathes

Find burial lairs and cemeteries in Aberdeen

There are 17 council-run cemeteries in Aberdeen. These include:

  • Hazlehead Cemetery (council-owned, this cemetery has a section for Muslim burials and a section dedicated to neonatal and stillborn babies)
  • Grove Cemetery (council-run, has a section for Jewish burials)
  • Newhills Cemetery (council-run, has a section for Muslim burials)
  • Dyce Cemetery (council-run)
  • Trinity Cemetery (council-run)
  • Nellfield Cemetery (council-run)
  • Springbank Cemetery (council-run)
  • Nigg Churchyard (council-run)
  • St Clement’s Churchyard (council-run)

You can find more details about Aberdeen cemetery and crematorium listings on the City Council website.

There are two privately owned natural burial grounds within 45 minutes of Aberdeen:

  • Clovery Woods of Rest (privately owned, natural burial ground in Fyvie)
  • Cothiemuir Hill Woodland Burial Ground, Castle Forbes (privately owned)

Find venues for funeral teas in Aberdeen

You could choose to hold the funeral tea at your home or in a local community centre. Alternatively, if you want to hire a venue, you’ll find a selection of pubs, restaurants and other Aberdeen funeral tea venues for hire.



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