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When you’re coping with grief, you might find support or comfort in listening to others who’ve been through similar experiences. A grief podcast might help with this. They create a space where people can have open conversations around loss, sharing real life stories and sometimes bringing in bereavement experts for further support and advice.

We’ve created a list of some of the best grief podcasts  everything from funny grief podcasts to interviews with bereavement specialists, guidance on how to cope with loss and more. 

The best grief podcasts (UK)


GriefCast podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast


Griefcast was created in 2016 when Cariad Lloyd, a comedian, noticed that a lot of her fellow comedians were starting podcasts. But she took a different approach. She used hers to talk about the loss of her dad, who she’d lost when she was just 15. Over the course of 5 years and 8 seasons, it’s become one of the best grief podcasts in the UK. In each episode, she interviews media personalities, including other comedians, actors, writers and producers. There are now over 190 episodes, sharing the experiences of well-known names like Jimmy Carr, Romesh Ranganathan, Marian Keyes and more.  

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Grief Kind

Grief Kind podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast


This UK grief podcast was created by leading bereavement charity Sue Ryder. It aims to open conversations about grief, making the subject more approachable and less taboo. The aim is to work towards a society where loss actually gets talked about and no one feels that they’re going through the experience alone. It’s hosted by author, journalist and Sue Ryder ambassador Clover Stroud. You’ll find talks with various guests, including celebrities, about their experiences with loss, bereavement and how they’ve managed without their loved one.  

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Grief is My Superpower


Mark Lemon is a children’s author and bereavement ambassador whose father was murdered when he was 12 years old. This podcast is in support of young people’s bereavement charity, Winston’s Wish. But the podcast isn’t just targeted at children and young adults. In each episode, he speaks with people who are facing loss or have experienced loss. You’ll find honest stories, as well as advice on how to cope with grief.  

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The best grief podcasts (international) 

All There Is With Anderson Cooper 

All There Is With Anderson Cooper podcast logo


The Anderson Cooper grief podcast is one of the most popular and longstanding grief podcasts you can find. This is an interview-style grief podcast. Cooper gives deeply personal insight into the loss of his mother, Victoria Vanderbilt, in discussion with others who’ve also experienced loss. If you’re looking for an anticipatory grief podcast, there’s an episode named “Anticipatory Grief”, released on 12th October 2022. This is one of the few podcast episodes available online that discusses anticipatory grief at length. 

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Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Terrible, Thanks For Asking Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast


Terrible, Thanks For Asking (known as “TTFA” for short) isn’t specific to grief. But it does contain a lot of content on grief. Sure, when people ask us how we’re doing, we usually say “fine”, regardless of how bad we might be feeling. This podcast focuses on letting people talk honestly about difficult life situations and how they’re really doing. Each episode focuses on one individual, their situation and how they cope. It prides itself on showing that it’s okay to not feel okay. “Not everything happens for a reason, the things that kill us don't always make us stronger… when life chucks a lemon in your face, the last thing you want to do is make lemonade”.  

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Good Grief

Good Grief logo for grief and bereavement podcast

In 2018, Blake Kasemeier lost her mother to lung cancer. She tried different ways of coping with her grief, including journalling, in an attempt to ground some of her heavier feelings and ideas. The Good Grief podcast came from this process. Each episode is based around one theme, such as coping with nostalgia, insomnia or social media after loss. You’ll find real-life anecdotes, expert opinions and relevant cultural references that could help you to understand and process your own grief.  

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Grief Encounters

Grief Encounters logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Grief Encounters is an Irish grief podcast,hosted by Venetia Quick and Sasha Hamrogue. It’s a weekly podcast series that creates a modern platform for people to share their own experiences. Here you’ll find discussions on death and everything that comes with it. From the feelings you might experience to what to expect at funerals, facing milestones without your loved one and breaking taboos around loss. 


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Good Mourning

Good Mourning podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Good Mourning is one of the most popular Australian grief podcasts. It’s hosted by Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn who want to create a community of grievers from around the world. No topic is off-limits, and they regularly invite inspiring guests onto the show. Expect shared experiences, helpful advice and a little mild swearing. 


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What’s Your Grief

Whats Your Grief logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Another of the best podcasts for dealing with grief is What’s Your Grief? This was created by Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams, who are the mental health professionals who created the website and book 'What's Your Grief'. They look at grief through the lens of experts in counselling, psychology and social work who’ve experienced loss themselves. They make complex topics easy to understand, educating listeners on loss and how it can affect your mental and emotional health. 


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Grief Unfiltered

Grief Unfiltered Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Grief Unfiltered is an interview-based grief podcast. Hosted by Jayme Aills, it acknowledges that grief is something that a lot of people don’t feel too comfortable talking about. It creates a space where Jayme and her guests can talk about their loss and experiences openly and freely. The last episode was published in 2021, so this isn’t an active podcast. But there are 44 past episodes to listen to. 


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Grief podcasts for young adults 

The Grief Gang

Grief Gang Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast


The Grief Gang podcast introduces itself with a truth. “Welcome to the gang… the one you never asked to be part of.” Host Amber Jeffrey lost her mother suddenly at the age of 19. She created what’s now one of the best grief podcasts in the UK for young adults. Each episode hopes to “own experiences, the highs and the really low lows, the funny bits, the naff bits and the really confusing bits”.  

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If We Don't Laugh We'll Cry

“If We Don’t Laugh, We’ll Cry” is a relatively new grief podcast from the UK. Here, 2 sisters in their 20s talk about “grief, death and all the stupid things that come along with it”. Having lost their mum, they feel that conversations around death need to be more normalised, and this podcast is helping to achieve this. This is one of the best podcasts for grief if you’re a young adult looking for candid, to the point, honest and sometimes humorous insight to life after the loss of a loved one. 

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Dead Parent Club


Dead Parent Club is a UK based grief podcast that discusses losing a parent as a teen or young adult. It’s humorous and lighthearted, building a community of like-minded young adults who’ve been through similar experiences. As the series progress, hosts Kat and Emma invite more guest speakers to talk about their experiences, as well as experts in grief and loss and other well-known grief podcasters. 

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts 

Grief In Common - Winston's Wish


Grief in Common is a grief podcast created by the Youth Team at Winston’s Wish – a UK based bereavement charity for young adults. It’s created with listeners aged 13+ in mind, from teens to those in their 20s. You’ll be able to listen to all sorts of lighthearted, but meaningful, conversations between young Brits from all sorts of backgrounds. Each episode goes to show that no matter how different we might be from one another, we all have grief in common. 

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Grief Uncensored

Grief Uncensored Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

This is one of the best grief podcasts for young adults who’ve lost a parent. Hosts Julia Gallegos and Yako Shirasuna connected at age 21 in their final semester of college. Both had recently lost their parents and use the podcast to delve into the realities of navigating day to day life having lost a parent. It’s a good anticipatory grief podcast, as Yako knew she was going to lose her parent. Julia talks from the experience of someone who lost a parent suddenly. 


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Grief podcasts for families experiencing loss

Grief Out Loud

Grief Out Loud Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Grief Out Loud is run by the Dougy Centre – a centre that provides support to children, teens, young adults and families who are grieving. The podcast introduces itself saying “Remember the last time you tried to talk about grief and suddenly everyone left the room?” It aims to open up conversations about grief, no matter how difficult or awkward they might feel at first. You’ll be able to find advice for supporting children, teens and yourself through loss. 


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Podcasts for coping with grief

The Grief Coach


The Grief Coach is a podcast for coping with grief. When host, Brooke, lost her father to cancer at the age of 30, she found there wasn’t much support that respected the gravity of her emotions. In each episode, she speaks to a professional who shares advice that can help with the process of grieving. From therapists to spiritiual leaders, professionals in the funeral industry and more, you’ll gain a lot of insight into different ways of understanding and coping with loss. 

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The Mindfulness & Grief Podcast

Mindfulness and Grief Podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

This is one of the best podcasts about grief if you’re interested in, or find comfort in, mindfulness and spirituality. The host, Heather Stang, is an author and thanatologist (someone who studies death from different perspectives, including physical, ethical, spiritual, medical, sociological and psychological). Episodes feature grief professionals and meditation teachers who offer understanding and ideas that can help you to cope with your grief.  


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Grief podcasts about suicide 

Let’s Talk About Suicide

Let's Talk About Suicide Podcast Logo for grief and bereavement podcast


Let’s Talk About Suicide offers support and understanding to those who’ve lost a loved one to suicide. While its messages can help anyone, it has a focus on loss and bereavement in the LGBTQIA+ communities. You’ll find information on how to talk about suicide, and what you might experience when losing a loved one to suicide. It also discusses coping with a sense of guilt or blame and how to honour your loved one who’s passed.

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The Healing Narratives of Suicide Loss

Healing Narratives of Suicide and Loss Podcast logo


This is one of the best grief podcasts in the UK about suicide. Host Dr Sue Egan lost her brother to suicide and has spent the past 10 years working with NHS psychologists to find ways to support others left behind after sudden loss. One episode of this podcast shares her own story. The rest are interviews with others to share as many perspectives as possible. The podcast aims to create a broad picture showing the complexity of loss to suicide and the different types of grief that can come with it.

Available on: Spotify / Apple Podcasts 


Life After Suicide

Life After Suicide Podcast logo


In this grief podcast, Jennifer Ashton (ABC News' Chief Medical Correspondent) talks about her personal experience with suicide, its aftermath and coping with unexpected loss. She describes this podcast as a “roadmap to survival”, with the aim of helping you to move through guilt, anger, hopelessness and other emotions to find balance.

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Grief podcasts about miscarriage and child loss 

The Worst Girl Gang Ever

Worst Girl Gang Ever Podcast logo


The Worst Girl Gang ever aims to build a community that supports, educates and empowers people going through baby loss. It describes itself as a “real, honest emotive podcast” centred around miscarriage, infertility and baby loss. You’ll find episodes on parenting after loss, telling friends and family, navigating work and careers, moving forward in your relationship and more.

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Miscarriage Hope Desk

Miscarriage Hope Desk Podcast written in capitals on warm brown background above a simple drawing of a branch


This grief podcast focuses on recurrent pregnancy loss. Host Laura Bauder, who experienced recurrent miscarriage, as well as postpartum depression when she had her rainbow baby, believes that the best thing women can do is prioritise their own health and happiness. She hopes that by sharing stories through the Miscarriage Hope Desk, she can provide transformational support and build communities focused on continued wellness. With over 150 episodes available, you’ll find personal experiences, as well as insight from doctors, therapists and other experts in recurring pregnancy loss.

Available on: / Spotify / Apple Podcasts 


Sisters In Loss

Sisters in Loss podcast host Erica M Freeman smiling in front of a pink and purple background


Sisters in Loss is a US, faith-based podcast centred around the experiences of black women coping with infertility, miscarriage and baby loss. The host Erica M. Freeman believes that storytelling can support, heal and give hope, so fills each episode with interviews with women from around the world. This gives a range of experiences and perspectives that can give clarity, peace and empowerment during difficult times.

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Community-Based Podcasts 

Bereavement Room

Bereavement Room podcast logo. Simplified flowers in drawn in blue, red and yellow on a red background.


This UK grief podcast was created by Callsuma Ali, who wanted to create a safe space for people of colour to tell their stories of grief and loss. She aims to share experiences that are less commonly covered by mainstream channels and platforms, showing how grief can affect diaspora culturally. She also aims to highlight discrimination that happens and how grief can manifest itself differently within different cultures. This podcast only has one season, coming to an end after 20 episodes. But all existing episodes are available to listen to on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Available on: Spotify / Apple Podcasts 


A Good End

A good end written on a red and orange background with a simple line drawing of a path


A Good End is a US grief podcast that opens up a new conversation about Judaism, death and dying in the 21st century. It acknowledges how the subject of death can often be pushed aside or spoken about in a joking way and aims to remove taboo and awkwardness. You’ll find 7 episodes filled with conversations about Jewish beliefs, traditions and values in relation to death, grief and life after loss.

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The Mindful Muslim

The Mindful Muslim Podcast logo. Title on a white background above a graphic teal wave


The Mindful Muslim isn’t specifically a grief podcast, but it does have episodes centred around grief. Episode 42 is about “Suicide Within Muslim Communities” and episode 47 focuses on “Trauma, Grief and Marriage”. The conversations are raw, open and honest, and incorporate Islam in relation to loss, grief and other difficult subject areas.

Podcasts on grieving other types of loss

Give Grief a Chance


This is one of the best free grief podcasts from a grief professional. Diane Morgan is a Mindset and Grief Recovery Coach. In each episode, she raises awareness around different ways of grieving, as well as highlighting that grief doesn’t only come from the loss of a loved one. She covers all types of grief, from death to feelings of grief around divorce, an alcoholic adult child and more. At the moment, there are over 240 episodes available, so it’s worth scrolling through to find episodes that cover topics you might be interested in. 

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Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss

Coming Back podcast logo for grief and bereavement podcast

Coming Back is one of the few podcasts on grief causes by a multitude of life circumstances. It does talk about grief caused by death. But it also tackles the grief that you can feel because of divorce, illness, letting go of dreams or life goals and more. It explores stories and gives ideas and resources that can help you to “come back” from these difficult life experiences. You’ll be able to find 10 seasons – a huge 136 episodes - of this podcast, so there are plenty of options and topics to look through.  


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