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More and more people are choosing cremation instead of burial. But how much does it cost? And what’s the difference between a standard cremation and a direct cremation? We’ve put together this guide to help you understand your options.

How much does cremation cost?

The average cost of cremation in the UK is £3,795 (SunLife 2024). This cost covers the price of the cremation, the funeral director’s fees, the doctor’s fees and the cost of a celebrant to lead the service.

This basic cremation cost doesn’t cover other send-off fees, such as flowers, limousines, a memorial (a headstone or an urn), an order of service, or catering for the wake. In 2023, the average people spent on a send-off was £2,768. These costs are optional and you might choose to have all, some or none of these things at the service.

If you’re looking for a lower cost cremation, you could consider direct cremation.

How much does direct cremation cost?

direct cremation is a simple cremation, without a funeral service. This means there are no readings, no music and no one attends a service.

On average, a direct cremation costs £1,498 (SunLife 2024). Although prices can start from £900-£1,000, depending on your location and the options you choose. All funeral directors will list their price for an unattended funeral on their standard price list.

Although you don’t have a formal funeral service with a direct cremation, you can still get together to remember the person who has died. Some people choose to organise a wake in a local pub or in the family home to celebrate their loved one’s life.

How do cremation costs compare with burial costs?

The average cremation costs £1,282 less than the average burial. The average cost for a funeral with burial in the UK is £5,077 (SunLife 2024).

By choosing a cremation, you also have more options about the type of memorial you’d like. For example, you can still choose to have a traditional headstone, but this is one of the most expensive options. Choosing a memorial urn is a less expensive option. Alternatively, you might decide to scatter the ashes and have no fixed memorial at all.

How do I find cremation costs for funeral directors near me?

It’s important to remember that not all funeral directors charge the same price for their services. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to shop around and get prices from several funeral directors before choosing the right one for you.

You can use use the location search on our website to compare the prices for different funeral directors near you.

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