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A memorial vase is a vase used to hold flowers at a graveside. They’re sometimes known as grave vases or cemetery vases. They’re designed to keep flowers fresh at a graveside for as long as possible. There are many different types and styles of memorial vases so you can choose one that’s a fitting tribute to a loved one that’s passed away.

Here we’ll take you through the different types of memorial vases for graves so you can choose the one that’s most suitable.

Different types of memorial vases for graves

Memorial vases for gravestones

When you buy a gravestone you can also add a memorial vase to it. This could be built into the gravestone itself so that it can’t be removed. Or it could be stand-alone. An extra message or quote can be added to the vase too, if you’d like.

Spiked memorial vases

This type of memorial vase has a spike at the end so that it can be easily put in the ground next to a graveside. They come in various designs and in different materials like plastic, metal or stone. Some spiked memorial vases also have flower dividers so that the flowers stand up straight in the vase.

Engraved memorial vases

You can get almost any type of memorial vase engraved. Some common engraved memorial vases are stone cubes with engraved plaques on the front. This shape gives you a little more space for a longer quote or message. But you can also find classic vase shapes and more modern shapes like hearts. They also have dividers inside to hold the flowers in place.

Simple grave vases

If you’ve bought a gravestone for a loved one and put a lot of thought into how it looks, how it’s made and the engraving on it then you might want to keep everything else simple. You can still add flowers to the graveside with a very simple, plain grave vase. It’s a short stake in the ground with spaces to hold the flowers. That’s it. No decoration or pattern. Usually made from plastic or metal, they’re a fuss-free way to pay tribute to your loved one with flowers.

Before you get a memorial vase...

Make sure you check what is and isn’t allowed at the cemetery or crematorium. Some will have rules about the size of memorials that are added to a graveside. And others may also have rules about maintenance too. So if you’d like to add a memorial vase to a loved one’s graveside you may need to think about when you can next visit to clear old flowers and add new ones in their place.

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