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Saying goodbye to a pet can be really difficult. It’s completely normal to feel lost or lonely once they’ve passed. Everyone experiences the death of a pet in different ways, and some people find that pet memorials and keepsakes help them cope with their grief. Pet memorials and keepsakes give you a way to remember your faithful companion, or something to hold onto, so you can keep them close. If this sounds like it could help, here are some pet memorial ideas that you might want to consider.

Nose and paw impression kits  

Nose and paw impression kits are a simple way to get a lasting image of your dog’s unique nose or paw print. If your pet is getting older, is unwell, or you know that you may have to say goodbye to them soon, you may want to order a kit online, so you have copies of their prints. If your pet has just passed away, some vets and pet crematoriums have impression kits to hand and can take an impression of your pet’s nose or paw on your behalf.  

You could keep the print as it is and frame it – perhaps in a pet memorial frame. Or there are companies that can turn your prints into keepsakes like pet memorial keyrings.  

Hair and fur clippings  

You might also want to take hair or fur clippings. You can take these from your pet yourself, or you can ask your vet or a pet crematorium to take clippings for you. There are lots of things you can do with these clippings to remember your pet. Some people choose to have them made into pet memorial jewellery. There are businesses that will cast them in resin that can be used as a pendant on a necklace, or in a ring. Some people like to keep them in a jar or pet memory box.

Pet stones and grave markers  

  If you’ve buried your pet, you might want some sort of gravestone or grave marker. If your pet is buried in a pet cemetery, it’s worth talking to the staff to ask about gravestones and markers. They’ll usually be in contact with a local stonemason, who’ll be able to create what you have in mind. Whether that’s a traditional looking gravestone or a small stone statue. If your pet is buried on your own land (for example, in your back garden), you can also place a memorial to mark the spot or remember them. Most people opt for pet memorial stones. These are smaller and more subtle than a gravestone, but can still be engraved with your pet’s name, date of birth and death, or a personalised message. If you buried a pet on someone else’s land, you’ll have to ask permission to place a memorial or permanent marker.

Memory plaques for pets  

Another option is a pet memorial plaque. These are small plaques, usually made from metals that can withstand rain and the elements without rusting. They can be engraved with your pet’s name and a personalised message. Where you put the plaque is up to you. You might want to have it in your garden. Or, with the landowner’s permission, you could put it up in a place your pet loved. Such as a favourite woodland walk or local park. You could also look into memorial benches for pets. Your plaque could be placed on the back. These give you a space to sit down and remember your pet peacefully.

A pet memory box  

When your pet passes away, you may have certain items of theirs that you want to keep. This could be a collar, a favourite toy or anything else. You could try keeping them in a pet memory box. You can add other bits and pieces that remind you of them too. Photographs, paw prints, hair or fur clippings are all good options to make a beautiful memorial for a pet. You can find more info on making a memory box here.

Festive decorations and ornaments  

Holiday seasons and celebrations can feel difficult without your pet. Lots of people use this time to take a moment to remember their companions who’ve passed. You might want to have a special keepsake to remember your pet by on holidays that you celebrate. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, you might want to order a pet memorial bauble or another pet memorial Christmas tree ornament to remember your pet by.  

Pet ashes keepsakes  

If you’ve chosen cremation for your pet, you can choose to have their ashes returned. There are lots of pet ashes keepsakes to choose from. These include jewellery, miniature urns for keyrings and more. You can learn more about them in our article what to do with your pet’s ashes .  

Tattoos in memory of pets  

More people are growing interested in pet memorial tattoos. These are tattoos that are dedicated to your pet. It could be a portrait of your pet. Or perhaps their name. If you have a paw or nose print impression, you could have their paw or nose print tattooed onto you.  

Some people even choose to use specialist companies and tattoo artists who include some of their pet’s ashes in the tattoo ink. You can read more about this in what to do with your pet’s ashes too.

Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash.