What is a funeral tea?

two women sitting down eating cake and drinking tea at a funeral tea

What is a funeral tea?

‘Funeral tea’ has several meanings in the UK. Let’s look at two of the most common ones.

The social occasion after a funeral

Some people, especially in Scotland, use ‘funeral tea’ to mean the social gathering after a funeral, where tea is often served. This is sometimes called a ‘wake’ or ‘funeral reception’ instead.

Traditionally, funeral receptions are less formal than funeral services. They’re an opportunity to get together and remember the person who has died. They’re also often happier celebrations of life, compared to the sombre goodbye of the funeral service.

The funeral reception is usually held in a different venue to the service. This might be a hotel, restaurant, pub or family home.

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The refreshments served at funeral receptions

Sometimes, ‘funeral tea’ is used to mean the refreshments served at funeral receptions. Funeral teas usually feature a selection of sandwiches and small cakes, as well as hot drinks like tea.

It can be a bit like afternoon tea. Unlike afternoon teas, though, funeral teas are rarely served as sit-down meals. Instead, a funeral tea is usually laid out like a buffet, so guests can help themselves to food whenever they like.

How to plan a funeral tea

If you’re planning to have a funeral tea, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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