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Do you need help finding the right funeral director in Gosport? Use our online directory to compare funeral homes in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southsea and beyond. You’ll spot lots of options, including several family-run funeral directors and well-known names. So whether you’re planning a bespoke, themed funeral or something simpler, you can find what you need at your own pace.

Funeral planning in Gosport

Gosport has one active cemetery and no crematorium, so venues for funerals in Gosport are quite limited. However, if you’re willing to travel a bit, you’ll find more options in and around Portsmouth and Southampton.

For religious services, Gosport has lots of churches that cater to various kinds of Christianity. There are no mosques or gurdwaras in the town.

Why compare Gosport funeral directors?

Funeral costs in Gosport vary. What you pay depends on the kind of funeral you’re planning and the funeral director you choose.

If you want to arrange a low-cost funeral in Gosport, it’s important to compare fees and services. This way, you’ll get the right kind of help for the right price.

Find a Gosport crematorium

Gosport doesn’t have a crematorium. However, the following crematoriums are nearby:

  • Portchester Crematorium – found between Portsmouth and Fareham
  • The Oaks Havant Crematorium – on the outskirts of Havant, near Portsmouth
  • Southampton Crematorium

Find a Gosport cemetery or burial ground

There’s one cemetery in Gosport that still allows burials: Ann’s Hill Cemetery. It’s run by Gosport Borough Council, so check the council website for more details.

The nearest private burial ground is Portchester Memorial Gardens, close to Portchester Crematorium. There’s also a woodland burial ground called the South Downs Natural Burial Site. This is about 20 miles north of Gosport.

Find places for a wake in Gosport

Are you wondering where to hold a wake in Gosport? You have several options.

You could hold the wake at home if you like. This can be good if you want to save money or you’re only expecting a few guests.

Alternatively, you could hire a venue. Popular wake venues include pubs, hotel function rooms and restaurants. Here’s a list of venues in Gosport that should give you some ideas.


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