What we do

Funeral Choice collects information on funeral directors to give families a good idea of their funeral options and on funeral costs. Very simply, we call up funeral directors and ask them to walk us through the services they offer. We know that everyone will personalise the funeral they want, but to provide a comparable starting point we collect the information for what we see as an ordinary cremation or funeral.

We then work with charities, hospitals and other organisations that help bereaved families to add any additional information we can about the funeral directors. We hope this will help you understand the options for funeral directors and funeral costs in your local area.


Our approach to burials


We take the view that a funeral is always going to be deeply personal and the details will change from family to family. So we decided that we would work to provide information on simple burial and funeral that included most of the elements that people are looking for and would recognise, accepting that people will then add their own personal touch. We therefore collect the price for the most basic / simplest funeral service including: 

  • All charges, meetings and paperwork for the funeral

  • A hearse for the funeral and care of the deceased up to the funeral

  • A simple coffin

  • A funeral director and team to keep things running smoothly on the day

We also confirm if there are time restrictions on when the funeral can be held and if we thought the team we spoke to were friendly and offered support.


Our approach to cremations


We take the same approach when considering cremation. In particular we consider that families may want the option to have a simple cremation and have the ashes returned to them to have a service or celebration that they organise themselves. In these cases we request the price for a simple cremation and check that it includes:

  •  All charges, meetings and paperwork for the cremation

  •  Collection of the deceased and care prior to cremation

  •  A simple coffin and urn for the ashes

  • Cremation and delivery of the ashes to the family

The family may have a funeral service in the crematorium, or independently with the ashes laterwe include the cost for the service if  there is a charge from the funeral director.

We also confirm if there are time restrictions on when the cremation can be held and if we  thought the team we spoke to were friendly and offered support.


How we collect information


It is very important to us that the advice we give is independent and we will not be influenced by any funeral director, large or small. In addition, in our time we have come across a small minority of funeral directors who either wouldn't tell us what they were charging families or gave an inaccurate view of what everything cost.

We get around all of these problems by 'mystery shopping', a technique used by many consumer welfare research groups and government bodies. Our team call up and ask for help in organising a funeral, a summary of what things typically cost, and have a chat to understand how they help bereaved families.