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Whether your loved one spent weekends in the 70s at the Wigan Casino or came to love the genre in their own way, you might want to choose some Northern Soul funeral songs to play at their funeral. Here’s some of the most popular Northern Soul funeral music to play at their service or wake. 

Northern soul funeral songs 

I’m On My Way – Dean Parrish 




This song is played at almost every Northern Soul event. If your loved one was part of the scene, chances are, it’s a song they’d have liked. It’s one of the most popular Northern Soul funeral songs, with its chorus talking about being on your way to something new.

“Here I go 
I'm on my way out of your sight 
I'm on my way 
You're out of my mind 
Flying high 
Gonna cry what a way to die 
I'm on my way.” 

Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Radcliffe 




Long After Tonight Is All Over is another popular Northern Soul funeral song. While its original meaning revolves around a new relationship, its words are appropriate for sharing how you’ll always care for someone who’s passed away. It has a slow instrumental section, part way through that allows for some reflection time too. 

“Let me tell you 
Long after tonight is all over 
Long after tonight is all gone 
I'll be yours 
For ever and a day and 
Yours, come anything that may 
You'll always be just everything to me.” 

Time Will Pass You By – Tobi Legend 




When you lose someone close to you, you might think about how quickly your time with them passed by. This song by Tobi Legend features all the Northern Soul characteristics and can help remind you of good times spent dancing together. 

“Life is just a precious minute, baby 
Open up your eyes and see it, baby 
Give yourself a better chance 
Because time will pass you 
Right on by.” 

That’s When The Tears Start – The Blossoms 



This song was originally written about a breakup, but its chorus can be a good choice of Northern Soul song for a funeral. It shares the difficulty of losing someone, the tears that you might shed and how hard it can feel to move forward. 

“But when you're not in view 
My whole heart breaks in two 
That's when the tears start 
And I start crying (over you) 
That's when the tears start 
And I start crying (over you) 
That's when the tears start 
Inside I'm dying.” 

It’ll Never Be Over for Me – Timi Yuro 



It’ll Never Be Over for Me is a Northern Soul funeral song for those who feel that death isn’t necessarily the end. It gives a resolve to not cry, because even though things may be hard right now, your relationship with the person who’s passed isn’t over. 

“Made up my mind, Not to start crying [woa-o-no] 
But there’s more than the eye can see 
'Cause, baby, inside, my heart is breaking apart 
'Cause it will never be over for me.”

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