Find funeral directors in Weymouth

Whether you’re organising a traditional funeral service or a celebration of life, we’re here to help you find the right funeral director. With our directory you can browse a selection of funeral directors in Weymouth and find one that’s most suitable for the send-off you’re planning.

Planning a funeral in Weymouth

If you’re planning a funeral in Weymouth, there are several options available. There are 4 cemeteries in the area that are maintained in a more subtle way so that the trees and flowers are disturbed as little as possible. In fact, Melcombe Cemetery has been named as a site of Nature Conservation Interest.

Why compare Weymouth funeral directors?

Need to know how much a funeral in Weymouth costs? The cost varies depending on the type of service you want to plan, the day and time it takes places, as well as the funeral director you choose. So it’s sensible to compare costs. By comparing costs with our directory of funeral directors in Weymouth you could save on the cost of the funeral service and put it towards a special memorial or savings for the future.

Find a crematorium in Weymouth

Dorset Council owns and manages the main crematorium in Weymouth:

  • Weymouth Crematorium (council owned): has memorial options such as stone plaques, memorial trees, and seats in its gardens of remembrance. It has modern facilities, including a music system and webcasting for streaming services.

Find a cemetery in Weymouth

There are 4 Weymouth cemeteries managed by the town council:

  • Weymouth Cemetery (council owned)
  • Melcombe Regis Cemetery (council owned)
  • Melcombe Extension (council owned)
  • Wyke Regis Cemetery (council owned)

You can find out more about Weymouth cemetery listings on the town council website.


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