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If you’re planning a funeral in Westminster, we’re here to help you find the right funeral director. Our listings make it easy to find and compare independent funeral directors and well-known names like Co-op and Dignity. So whether you want to plan a simple service, a direct cremation or a big celebration of life, we’ll help you find the right funeral director in Westminster.

Planning a funeral in Westminster

There’s no council-run crematorium in the City of Westminster. The nearest crematoriums to the borough are Mortlake Crematorium in Richmond and West London Crematorium. Other crematoriums in the local area include Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium and City of London Cemetery and Crematorium. Cremation London provides direct cremation services at Putney Vale Crematorium.

There are 3 council-run cemeteries in Westminster. These are Hanwell, East Finchley and Mill Hill. These cemeteries don’t have dedicated areas for specific religions. The chapel buildings are available for use by people of all religions and faith groups.

If you’re looking for a dedicated cemetery for Muslim burials, Gardens of Peace is a private organisation that runs several Muslim cemeteries near London.

The City of Westminster has a diverse population with people from a range of different faith groups. The many religious buildings and places of worship reflect this. These include mosques, churches, temples and synagogues. You can view a full list of Westminster places of worship here.

Why compare Westminster funeral directors?

Planning a funeral involves a range of different costs. These include the funeral director’s fees, which typically make up a third of the total cost of the funeral. By comparing your options, you could save hundreds of pounds. That’s money you could put towards a memorial or wake to remember your loved one. Our directory makes it easy to compare funeral directors’ fees in just a few minutes.

Find a Westminster crematorium

Mortlake Crematorium is managed by the boroughs of Hammersmith, Richmond, Barnes and Acton. Located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, it’s on the banks of the River Thames beside Chiswick Bridge. It has a multi-faith chapel/ceremony hall with seating for 110 people. There is a memorial garden and book of remembrance.

Find a cemetery in Westminster

Hanwell Cemetery is a council-run cemetery. Formerly known as City of Westminster Cemetery, it is in Ealing. Where space allows, it offers the option to choose the location for burial. Burial options include burial chambers, recycled graves, plots for the burial of ashes, and ashes niches.

East Finchley cemetery is council-run. Options for burial include burial chambers, recycled graves and plots for the burial of cremated remains.

Mill Hill Cemetery is also managed by the council. Burial options include path-side grave plots, oversize graves (for one casket), double graves, ashes plots and baby/infant grave plots.

Find funeral wake venues in Westminster

You might want to hold the funeral wake at home or in a local venue like a community centre or hall. If you want to hold the wake in a private venue, here is a list of funeral wake venues in Westminster.


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