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If you’re looking for a funeral director in Telford, we’re here to help. With our directory you can find the information you need to compare your options. You’ll find independent,family-run alongside well-known names such as Co-op Funeralcare. So you can find the right funeral director to plan a fitting tribute.

Planning a funeral in Telford

If you’re planning a funeral in Telford, there several different options. The town has 3 cemeteries and a crematorium. There is also another crematorium in nearby Shrewsbury.

For religious services, the town’s places of worship include Hindu temples to cathedrals, churches and mosques too.

Find a Telford crematorium

There is one crematorium in Telford and another in nearby Shrewsbury.

Telford Crematorium is privately owned and is in a rural location. The chapel can comfortably sit 150 guests with additional standing room. There is a landscaped memorial garden on the site.

Emstrey Crematorium in Shrewsbury offers a unique chapel for an intimate and private funeral service. Bountiful with rose bushes, the expansive garden of remembrance is a comforting place for quiet reflection.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Telford

When it comes to finding a Telford cemetery, there are a several options in the town. Each is run by their individual parish councils:

  • Ketley Cemetery (council-run cemetery for parish residents)
  • Hadley Cemetery (council-run cemetery)
  • Newport Cemetery (council-run cemetery)


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