Find funeral directors in Swansea

If you’re planning a funeral in Swansea, we’ll help you to find a funeral director who meets your needs. You can use our directory to find independent funeral directors in Swansea, along with well-known companies like Dignity and Co-op. With our help, you can browse Swansea funeral homes in all areas of the city, including Caswell, Hendy, Plasmarl and West Cross.

Planning a funeral in Swansea

There are 3 crematoriums within 15-miles of the city. The council manages Swansea Crematorium, which is in the grounds of Morriston Cemetery.

Burial plots are available at 6 cemeteries in Swansea: Coed Gwilym, Danygraig, Kingsbridge, Morriston, Oystermouth and Rhydgoch. Family burials in existing graves are possible at all of the cemeteries in Swansea, including Cwmgelli, although space is very limited. Each cemetery has a dedicated area for the burial of cremated remains. Danygraig Cemetery has a dedicated burial section for Muslims.

Meadow burial is possible at Kingsbridge Cemetery, and woodland burial is possible at Oystermouth Cemetery.

Swansea’s diverse population is reflected by its religious buildings and places of worship. The city is home to Swansea Mosque, which is the biggest mosque in Wales. Other places of worship in Swansea include churches, synagogues, temples and a cathedral.

Why compare Swansea funeral directors?

There are several costs to consider when you’re planning a funeral. This includes the funeral director’s fees, which usually make up about a third of the total cost of the funeral. The amount you pay will also depend on the type of service and when you want the funeral to take place. For cremations, you’ll also need to consider crematorium fees.

Before making any decisions, it’s important to compare your options. With our directory, you can compare Swansea funeral costs in one place, helping you to make an informed decision.

Find a Swansea crematorium

If you’re planning a cremation in Swansea, there are 3 crematoriums for you to choose from:

  • Swansea Crematorium – council owned
  • Llanelli Crematorium – private owned
  • Margam Crematorium – run by Neath Port Talbot Council

Find a cemetery in Swansea

There are 7 council-run cemeteries in Swansea:

Find funeral wake venues in Swansea

You might want to hold the wake at home or in a community venue like a village hall. If you want to book a private venue for the funeral wake, here is a list of Swansea wake venues to consider.


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