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If you’re looking for funeral directors in Slough, we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you. Whether you want to plan a traditional funeral, a natural burial or a direct cremation, you can use our directory to compare your options. We’ve made it easier to compare funeral homes in Slough, so you can find the right one, and plan the send-off you want.

Planning a funeral in Slough

If you’re planning a funeral in Slough, your main option is Slough Cemetery and Crematorium. For religious services, there are also many places of worship where your personal beliefs can be celebrated and respected. These include a number of churches, temples and mosques.

Find a Slough crematorium

There’s one crematorium in Slough which is in the same grounds as the cemetery. The crematorium chapel is multi-denominational so any recognised form of service can be held here and up to 150 people can be seated. You can find more information about this crematorium here. 

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Slough

The main cemetery in Slough can be found on Stoke Road. Opened in 1932, Slough Cemetery is designed so visitors can drive to graves. The grounds are well laid-out with woodland areas and space to leave a memorial for your loved one such as a bench plaque, paving stones or even a shrub.


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