Find funeral directors in Runcorn, Cheshire

It’s easy to find the right funeral home in Runcorn using our directory. Our listings cover the whole town, from the banks of the Mersey to Halton and beyond. Browse below to see prices and contact details for a range of independent Runcorn funeral directors, as well as names like Dignity and Co-op.

Plan a funeral in Runcorn

Whether you’re arranging a direct cremation, a traditional funeral or something more unique, you’ll find several options for funerals in Runcorn. The town has 2 cemeteries of its own, both run by the local council. Across the river in Widnes, there are 2 more cemeteries and a crematorium. You can also choose from a selection of Christian churches, though you’ll have to travel to find a mosque, synagogue or Gurdwara.

Are you arranging a green funeral in the Runcorn area? The closest natural burial grounds are Swanlow Park (about 20 miles away), Monument Meadow (about 25 miles) and Forget Me Not Fields (about 30 miles).

Why compare funeral homes in Runcorn?

Comparing costs and services can help you find the best value funeral directors in Runcorn. What this means for you depends on what you want from your funeral home. Some try to be quite affordable, while others focus on providing good value for money by offering extra help or bespoke services.

Find a Runcorn crematorium

There’s no crematorium in Runcorn, but you don’t have to travel far to find one. The council-owned Widnes Crematorium is only a few miles away and is easily reached by car or public transport. You’ll find it on the grounds of Widnes Cemetery.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Runcorn

There are 2 Runcorn cemeteries, both run by Halton Borough Council:

  • Runcorn Cemetery
  • Halton Cemetery

You’ll also find these council-run cemeteries in nearby Widnes:

  • Peel House Cemetery
  • Widnes Cemetery

Visit the Halton Borough Council website for more details or to arrange a burial.


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