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We’re here to help you find a funeral director in Reigate. Our trusted directory has listings for funeral directors in your local area, including independent family-run funeral homes and national providers like Coop Funeralcare and Dignity. We’ll help you find the most suitable funeral director for that final farewell with up-to-date info and prices.

Planning a funeral in Reigate

If you’re planning a funeral in Reigate, you’ll have a number of options available to you thanks to the town’s location. While the town doesn’t have its own crematorium – plans were scrapped in 2022 – there are 2 crematoriums within 15 miles in Crawley and Leatherhead, respectively. There are also 3 open cemeteries and the Reigate Garden of Remembrance, designed specifically for the burial of cremated remains.

For religious services, there are several places of worship depending on your beliefs. Your chosen funeral director can help you make suitable arrangements regarding any religious ceremony you may have in mind.

Why compare Reigate funeral directors?

Not everyone thinks about funeral costs when planning a funeral, but it’s worth considering when making arrangements. Funeral costs vary depending on the funeral director, the service you want and the date and time it happens. That’s why our directory makes it easy for you to compare costs between local funeral directors. You can also compare services in case you’re looking for something beyond a simple service, like a themed funeral or big celebration of life.

Find a Reigate crematorium

There were plans to build a crematorium in Reigate, but these were scrapped in 2022 due to local protests. So if you’re looking for cremation services near Reigate, you’ll have to choose from the following 2 crematoriums:

  • Randalls Park Crematorium, Leatherhead (Dignity Funerals) – with picturesque gardens of remembrance and memorial options, and a large chapel which can accommodate 30-minute services for all cultures and faiths.
  • Surrey and Sussex Crematorium, Crawley (Dignity Funerals) – with 2 chapels for both small and large funerals, music playing facilities, and a 45-minute service time. The crematorium offers memorials and private garden options in the gardens of remembrance.

Both sites are fully accessible with disabled toilets and hearing loops.

Find a Reigate cemetery or burial ground

If you’re looking for somewhere to bury a loved one in Reigate, the following open cemeteries can be found in the area:

  • Redstone Cemetery, Redhill (council-run)
  • Reigate Cemetery, Reigate (council-run)
  • Reigate Garden of Remembrance, Reigate (council-run) – for cremated remains

Your chosen funeral director can provide more info about each of the cemeteries. They’ll also be able to help you with any decisions about grave markers and memorials.


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