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Plan the send-off you want. Whether you’re planning a simple service, a natural burial or a traditional ceremony, we’ll help you find the right funeral director in Poole. You can browse and compare family-run funeral homes across the town, as well as familiar names like Co-op and Dignity.

Planning a funeral in Poole

If you’re planning a funeral in Poole, you can choose from 4 council-run cemeteries or one of the local churchyards. There is also a town crematorium that has recently been refurbished. For religious services there are a several places of worship where your beliefs can be celebrated. These include synagogues, Catholic churches and a mosque too.

Find a Poole crematorium

The main crematorium in the town is Poole Crematorium which has one chapel. In 2022, significant improvements were made to the crematorium including adding a wildlife-inspired mural. You can find out more here.

Bournemouth Crematorium is also nearby and is regularly used by people from Poole. There are 2 chapels at this crematorium so you can choose the venue that’s best suited to your ceremony. The West Chapel holds 40 people and is ideal for intimate gatherings, while the East Chapel can seat up to 100 guests.

Find a burial ground or Poole cemetery

If you’re organising a funeral in Poole, it’s worth being aware of the cemeteries available.

There are 4 council-run sites:

  • Branksome Cemetery
  • Broadstone Cemetery
  • Parkstone Cemetery
  • Poole Cemetery

More information on each can be found on Poole’s council website. 


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