Find funeral directors in Oxford

There are many funeral directors in Oxford, and we can help you find the one that’s right for your needs. With our directory, you’ll find independent, family funeral directors  and well-known names such as Co-op Funeralcare and Dignity. Browse our listings to see your options across the city.

Planning a funeral in Oxford

If you’re planning a funeral in Oxford you’ll find many options. These include several council-run cemeteries, private graveyards and 4 crematoriums.

For religious services, the city caters for a wide variety of religions including Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Find an Oxford crematorium

There are 4 options when it comes to choosing an Oxford crematorium. These include:

  • Oxford Crematorium: Set in 22 acres of well-maintained park, this crematorium has 2 chapels for small and large funerals. The gardens are a tranquil setting with a wide variety of memorials available.
  • South Oxford Crematorium and Memorial Park: Opened in 2015, this crematorium offers cremations, traditional burials and natural burials.
  • North Oxford Crematorium and Memorial Park: Opened in 2020, the North Crematorium offers the same services as the South Oxford Crematorium.
  • Banbury Crematorium: With a chapel overlooking  Oxfordshire countryside and award-winning memorial gardens, this site offers a tranquil ground for a ceremony.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Oxford

There are 4 council-owned cemeteries in Oxford as well as a number of churchyards . Available choices include:

  • Botley Cemetery: Also known as Oxford Cemetery, this cemetery was opened in 1894.
  • Headington Cemetery: Headington served the area since 1885. It is currently closed to new coffin burials.
  • Rose Hill Cemetery: Rose Hill provides a balance between a cemetery and a natural burial ground. Burials and ashes can be homed there in an environmentally sensitive way. It also has a funeral chapel and funeral teas can be held in its grounds.
  • Wolvercote Cemetery: A small and quiet cemetery, Wolvercote has a chapel and dedicated sections for different religions.


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