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Need a funeral director in Alnwick? Our handy online directory will help you work out your options in the local area, as well as explore available crematoriums and cemeteries across Northumberland. You’ll find friendly, independent funeral directors, as well as national names like Co-op Funeralcare Alnwick. So you can compare costs, services and options and then make the decision that suits you the best.

Planning a funeral in Alnwick

When you engage a funeral director in Alnwick, they’ll be able to take you through your options when it comes to arranging the funeral of your loved one. With a local crematorium and many cemeteries with natural burial options, no matter your wishes, it will be possible to meet them. For religious services, there are a number of local churches and chapels, but for other places of worship, such as a synagogue, mosque or Hindu temple, you’ll need to head south towards Blyth or Newcastle itself.

Find a crematorium in Alnwick

As there’s no dedicated Alnwick crematorium, if you’re planning a cremation you’ll need to head around 10 miles south to Northumberland Crematorium. It’s a newly built, privately owned crematorium on the site of Northumberland Woodland Burials. The next closest option is found in Blyth around 30 miles to the south on the coast above Newcastle upon Tyne.

Find an Alnwick cemetery or burial ground

Alnwick Cemetery lies just to the south of the town, on route to the A1. There are burial plots available in both the old and new parts of the cemetery as well as a chapel that is available for use. There’s now the option of natural burials at Alnwick Cemetery, with the use of biodegradable coffins, no embalming of the body and the grave marked only by a stone and a newly planted shrub or tree. For more information about Alnwick Cemetery and the natural burial option, see the town council website. Other cemeteries located within 20 miles are:
  • Amble West Cemetery (council-run) - including natural burial and children’s section
  • Felton Cemetery (parish council-run)
  • Whitton Bank Cemetery, Rothbury (parish council-run)

Find funeral catering in Alnwick

When you’re planning a wake you might choose to host it at your home or at a community centre or even at a local pub. The good new is if you’re looking for funeral catering in Alnwick there are plenty of great and cost effective options. See venues for hire in Alnwick.

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We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries and crematoriums listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.