Find Merton funeral directors

If you’re searching for affordable funeral directors in Merton, we’re here to help. You can use our directory to find all of the info you need on independent funeral homes and well-known names like Dignity and Co-op. Whether you’re looking for Merton funeral homes in Beddington Corner, Moden Park, Mitcham or Wimbledon, our directory makes it easy to compare your options.

Planning a funeral in Merton

If you’re planning a funeral in Merton, you have some choice in your arrangements. There is one crematorium in the area and 4 cemeteries which Merton Council is responsible. For religious services, you’ll find several churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.

Why compare Merton funeral directors?

When you’re planning a funeral, there are many different costs to think about. The final price you pay depends on the funeral director, type of service and whether you opt for cremation or burial. If you want to plan an affordable funeral in Merton, it’s important to research all the options. With our directory, it’s easy to compare the different costs in one place.

Find a Merton crematorium

There is one crematorium found in Merton:

  • North East Surrey Crematorium (council-run) – it has 2 chapels for religious, non-secular or informal services with each providing seating for up to 80 people. Both the chapels have an organ and music playing facilities. There’s a garden of remembrance with plots for created remains and options for memorials.

Other crematoriums in the local area:

Find a Merton cemetery

These cemeteries are managed by idverde on behalf of Merton Council:

Find funeral wake venues in Merton

You might want to hold the funeral wake at home or in a local community venue such as a village hall. If you’d prefer to hire a private venue, here’s a list of funeral wake venues in Merton.


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