Find funeral directors in Macclesfield

We’ll help you find the right funeral director in Macclesfield. Compare family-run funeral homes and more well-known funeral directors like Co-op Funeralcare with our directory. Find and compare Macclesfield funeral homes and plan the send-off that’s right for your loved one.

Planning a funeral in Macclesfield

Whether you’re planning a natural burial or a traditional funeral in Macclesfield there are many options available. The Macclesfield Crematorium provides a chapel that’s suitable for religious and non-religious ceremonies.

For religious services, there are a number of options such as St Michael & All Angels Church, Macclesfield Mosque and Macclesfield Methodist Church to name a few. Alternatively, the Friends of Nature Burial Ground in nearby Mobberley offers natural burials in the Cheshire countryside.

Why compare Macclesfield funeral directors?

The cost of funerals can vary from one funeral director to another. And the cost can change depending on the type of service you choose too. So it’s important to compare funeral directors in Macclesfield. It’ll help you can plan a funeral that’s suitable while saving money. Use our directory to compare Macclesfield funeral directors all in one place to make finding one that’s right just a little easier.

Find a crematorium in Macclesfield

If you’re planning a cremation, there’s one crematorium in Macclesfield:

  • Macclesfield Crematorium (council-owned): includes a garden of remembrance overlooking Whitefield Brook valley.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Macclesfield

The main cemetery in Macclesfield is:

  • Macclesfield Cemetery (council-owned)

You can find more info about the Macclesfield cemetery and crematorium on the Cheshire East council website.


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