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Plan a funeral the way you want. You can use our directory to find affordable funeral homes in Lewisham. Whether you want to use a local independent funeral director of a well-known name such as Dignity or Co-op, we’ve got the info you need. We have listings for funeral directors in Lewisham in all parts of the borough including Brockley, Chinbrook, Forest Hill, Honor Oak and Western Ladywell.

Planning a funeral in Lewisham

Lewisham has a council-run crematorium on Verdant Lane, which is called Hither Green Crematorium. There are 4 council-run cemeteries in Lewisham. All the cemeteries have consecrated and unconsecrated areas. While the consecrated ground is blessed by the Church of England, the unconsecrated areas have burial plots for people from other faith groups.

The borough has several places of worship including churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.

Why compare Lewisham funeral directors?

There are different costs to consider when you are planning a funeral. Before you make any decisions, it is important to research your options. The final cost of a funeral will depend on your chosen funeral director, the type of service and whether you opt for burial or cremation. By using our directory, you can compare all the different options in one place.

Find a Lewisham crematorium

There’s one crematorium in Lewisham:

  • Hither Green Crematorium (also known as Lewisham Crematorium) is run by Lewisham Council. It has a multi-faith chapel, book of remembrance room and a memorial garden. Direct cremations are offered. A range of memorial options are available, including rose bushes, wall plaques, columbaria and memorial benches.

Find Lewisham cemeteries

There are 4 council-run cemeteries in Lewisham.

  • Hither Green Cemetery
  • Grove Park Cemetery, Marvels Lane – with a dedicated section for Muslim burials
  • Ladywell Cemetery, Ladywell Road
  • Brockley Cemetery, Brockley Road

Ladywell Cemetery and Brockley Cemetery are next to each other.

Find funeral wake venues in Lewisham

Choosing a venue for the wake is a personal decision. You might want to hold the wake at home or in a community centre. If you’d prefer to hire a private venue, here’s a list of funeral wake venues in Lewisham.


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