Find funeral directors in Leatherhead

Use our directory to find a range of funeral directors in Leatherhead. From small independent funeral homes to more well-known names like Co-op Funeralcare, our directory gives you all your options in one place. It makes finding funeral directors in Leatherhead a little easier.

Planning a funeral in Leatherhead

If you’re planning a funeral in Leatherhead then there are plenty of options to choose from. Funerals at Leatherhead Crematorium (Randalls Park Crematorium) can be adapted to your requirements. The staff will help you plan a religious or non-religious funeral depending on your beliefs. If you’d prefer a traditional burial, Randalls Park also has a cemetery on site.

For natural burials and the burial of ashes, the Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial Ground is just 15 minutes away from Leatherhead. The natural burial site includes a 31 are wildflower meadow, lakes, wetland and woodland. It also features a glass pavilion dedicated to burials and the burial of ashes.

Why compare funeral directors in Leatherhead?

Funeral directors in Leatherhead, and up and down the UK, charge different prices for their services. And the cost varies depending on other factors like the time and date of the funeral, where it takes place and the type of funeral you’re organising. So it’s sensible to compare costs. With our directory you can narrow down your options. Compare the costs and services of funeral directors in Leatherhead so that you can find the one that’s most suitable for the funeral you’re planning and for your budget.

Find a crematorium in Leatherhead

If you’re planning a cremation, there’s one main crematorium in Leatherhead. This is:

  • Randalls Park Cemetery & Crematorium (privately owned)

Find a cemetery in Leatherhead

There are several cemeteries in Leatherhead and the surrounding area. These include:

  • Randalls Park Cemetery & Crematorium (privately owned)
  • Dorking Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial Ground (privately owned)

You can find more about the Leatherhead cemeteries and crematorium on the district council website.


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