Find funeral directors in Keighley

If you need to find funeral directors in Keighley, we’re here to help. Using our directory, you’ll find local independent funeral homes along with familiar names like Co-op Funeralcare and Dignity. We cover Keighley and the surrounding areas so no matter where you’re based in town, you’ll be able to plan the funeral you want.

Planning a funeral in Keighley

If you’re planning a funeral in Keighley, it’s helpful to know what options you have available. There are 2 crematoriums and 5 cemeteries within 5 miles of the town. For religious services, there are several churches, chapels and mosques in Keighley.

Why compare Keighley funeral directors?

Funeral costs vary depending which funeral director you go with, the urn or coffin you choose, and the service you want. That’s why it’s useful to compare funeral directors before making final arrangements. As you could save money which could be put towards a memorial, a special trip in memory of a loved one or as savings for the future.

Find a crematorium in Keighley

If you’re planning a cremation in Keighley, there are 2 crematoriums within 5 miles:

  • Oakworth Crematorium (council-owned) – fully accessible crematorium with Obitus visual tributes and web casting potential.
  • Nab Wood Crematorium (council-owned) – fully accessible crematorium with Obitus visual tributes and organ – organist must be arranged with funeral director.

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Keighley

If you’re looking for a burial ground in Keighley, there are 5cemeteries within 5 miles:

  • Keighley Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Morton Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Utley Cemetery (council-owned) – includes space for Muslim burials
  • Haworth Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Silsden New Cemetery (council-owned)


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