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Celebrate life with a perfect send-off. If you need to find a funeral director in Harlow, we’re here to help. Browse your options and compare prices side-by-side. So, whether you want a woodland burial, a direct cremation or a themed ceremony, you can find the right funeral director to help you plan the service you want.

Planning a funeral in Harlow

Harlow has various funeral options including one crematorium and 4 cemeteries. You can choose to have a themed funeral, traditional funeral, green funeral, woodland burials and more in Harlow. If you’re after a religious service, then you’ll find various churches in Harlow, together with Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, synagogues and mosques.

Why compare Harlow funeral directors?

Funeral costs in Harlow reflect the type of service you choose, the type of urn or coffin you choose, when it is to take place and the funeral director you go with. Prices vary depending on the funeral director you choose. If you want to plan an affordable funeral in Harlow, you can use our directory to compare costs in one place. So you can make the right choice for you.

Find a Harlow crematorium

If you’re planning a cremation, there is one main crematorium in Harlow with others listed within 15 miles:

  • Bentley Crematorium (privately owned)
  • Enfield Crematorium (council owned and managed by Dignity)
  • Forest Park Crematorium (privately owned)
  • Parndon Wood Cemetery & Crematorium (council owned)
  • Woollensbrook Cemetery & Crematorium (privately owned)

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Harlow

You’ll find the following cemeteries in and around Harlow:

  • Bishops Stortford Cemetery (council owned)
  • Epping Cemetery (council owned)
  • Hertford Cemetery
  • Hoddesdon Cemetery (council owned)
  • Parndon Wood Cemetery (council owned)
  • Ware Cemetery (council owned)


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