Find funeral directors in Hackney

Arrange a celebration of life or a direct cremation. If you’re looking for funeral directors in Hackney, we’re here to help. Our directory features local independent funeral directors and well-known names such as Co-op and Dignity. You can use our directory to find Hackney funeral homes in all parts of the borough including Barnsbury, Hoxton, Islington, Kings Cross, Lower Clapton and Pentonville.

Planning a funeral in Hackney

If you’re planning a funeral in Hackney, you’ve got several options. There are 5 crematoriums in the area and 6 open cemeteries to choose from. For religious services, you’ll find several churches, mosques, synagogues and temples in Hackney.

The borough has a diverse community, which is reflected by its religious buildings and places of worship. This includes churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.

If you want to find out about green funerals, Neo Cremations in West Drayton offers direct cremations and woodland areas where cremated remains can be scattered. Woodland burials are offered at GreenAcres Chiltern in Beaconsfield.

Why compare Hackney funeral directors?

Funeral costs can be high, so it’s important to research your options. The overall price that you pay depends on the funeral director, type of service and whether you choose cremation or burial. Our directory makes it easy to view and compare all the different options in one place, helping you to decide.

Find a Hackney crematorium

There are several crematoriums in Hackney, including:

All the Hackney crematoriums offer multifaith chapels, gardens of remembrance and a range of memorial options.

Find a Hackney Cemetery

There are several council-run and privately managed open cemeteries in the borough. These include:

  • West Ham Cemetery (council-run) – traditional burial plots available, including Muslim burials in a dedicated section
  • Islington and St Pancras Cemetery (council-run) – burial options include burial vaults, mausolea, traditional graves and lawn graves. It has a woodland burial area and a children’s memorial garden.
  • Manor Park Cemetery (privately run) – burial options include traditional graves, family graves, lawn graves and burial chambers. There is a woodland area for natural burials and a private children’s garden.
  • Tottenham Park Cemetery (privately run) – a range of burial options are offered, including dedicated areas for Muslim burials.
  • Bushey New Cemetery (privately run) – a Jewish cemetery

Find funeral wake venues in Hackney

When planning a funeral, you’ll need to decide whether to hold the funeral wake at home, in a community venue or in a private venue. If you’re considering a private venue, here’s a list of funeral wake venues in Hackney.


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