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Arrange the perfect send-off. If you need a funeral director in Guildford, we’re here to help. Compare funeral homes in one place using our directory and view prices before making a choice. Whether you want a traditional funeral, woodland burial or direct cremation, find the right funeral director for the service you want.

Planning a funeral in Guildford

There are several options for planning a funeral in Guildford. This includes a newly redeveloped crematorium which now includes a committal chapel, memorial facilities and gardens of remembrance. Guildford also has 2 council-run cemeteries with woodland burial grounds.

If you want to have a religious service, there are various places of worship where your personal beliefs can be celebrated. These include 3 mosques, 2 synagogues and many churches.

Find a Guildford crematorium

If you’re planning a cremation in Guildford, there is one crematorium:

  • Guildford Crematorium (rebuilt in 2018-2019)

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Guildford

There are 2 cemeteries in Guildford:

  • Stoke Cemetery (council-run, with spaces for traditional burials or cremated remains, Church of England, Roman Catholic, Jewish and children’s sections available)
  • The Mount Cemetery

You can find more details about Guildford cemetery and crematorium listings on the Guildford Town Council website.


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