Find funeral directors in Great Wyrley

Looking for a funeral director in Great Wyrley? We’re here to help. Browse our directory to compare national providers and independent funeral directors in Great Wyrley. It’ll help you narrow down your options so you can find the funeral director that’s most suitable for the send-off you’re planning.

Planning a funeral in Great Wyrley

There’s a variety of options when you’re planning a funeral in Great Wyrley. At Strawberry Lane Cemetery there’s space for traditional lawn graves and natural burials, as well as plots for cremated remains. If you’re planning a cremation, Bushbury Crematorium is just 15 minutes away. And there’s also a specialist natural burial ground called Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground about half an hour away on the outskirts of Wolverhampton.

Why compare funeral directors in Great Wyrley?

  • It’s important to compare funeral directors because costs can vary significantly. It can depend on the type of funeral you’re organising, when and where it takes place, and the funeral director you choose. By comparing costs with our directory you’ll have all your options in front of you. That way, you can make an informed decision and plan a funeral that’s right for your loved one.

Find a crematorium near Great Wyrley

If you’re planning a cremation in Great Wyrley there’s 2 crematoria nearby:

  • Mercia Forest crematorium (due to open in 2023)
  • Bushbury Cemetery and Crematorium (council-owned)

Find a cemetery in Great Wyrley

There are 2 main cemeteries in Great Wyrley. These are:

  • Strawberry Lane Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Great Wyrley Parish Council Cemetery (parish council-owned) – only plots for cremated remains available at this cemetery.

You can out find more about Great Wyrley Cemetery options on the parish council website and the South Staffordshire council website.


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