Find funeral directors in Great Barr

Welcome to our directory of Great Barr funeral directors. Here, you’ll find a list of well-known and independent funeral homes within easy reach of the area. Along with funeral directors in Great Barr, you’ll spot listings for Walsall in the north and areas like Handsworth and Perry Barr to the south.

Plan a funeral in Great Barr

If you’re planning a burial or cremation in Great Barr, you can take your pick from several nearby cemeteries and crematoriums. The closest are Witton Cemetery and Sandwell Valley Crematorium, which has a large chapel and an on-site wake venue. If you want a traditional Christian funeral, you can choose from several churches around the Birmingham Road. There’s also a mosque to the south, near Perry Park.

Do you want a green burial? Options include Primrose Meadow at the council-run Kings Norton Cemetery and the private Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground near Wolverhampton.

Find a Great Barr crematorium

There are quite a few crematoriums in and around Birmingham. These are within easy driving distance of Great Barr:

  • Birmingham Crematorium (privately run) – 2 miles away
  • Sandwell Valley Crematorium (run by Sandwell Council) –2 miles away
  • Streetly Crematorium (run by Walsall Council) –4 miles away

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Great Barr

Are you looking for a cemetery near Great Barr? You can choose from several burial grounds managed by Birmingham, Walsall and Sandwell councils. All these options are less than 5 miles away by car:

  • Handsworth Cemetery (run by Birmingham City Council) – has a chapel
  • Heath Lane Cemetery, West Bromwich (run by Sandwell Council)
  • Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley (run by Birmingham City Council)
  • Streetly Cemetery (run by Walsall Council) – has a garden of remembrance
  • Warstone Lane Cemetery (run by Birmingham City Council)
  • Witton Cemetery (run by Birmingham City Council)

You can click the links to visit the council websites and get more info.

There’s also a private cemetery near Birmingham called West Midlands Cemetery. It specialises in Islamic burials.

We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries and crematoriums listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.


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