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Find and compare funeral directors in Gravesend using our directory. Here, you’ll find a variety of independent and larger funeral homes with staff who have been helping people plan funerals for years.

Planning a funeral in Gravesend

If you’re planning a funeral in Gravesend, there’s a variety of options. Thamesview Crematorium and Cemetery also has a formal cemetery and a woodland burial area for those who would prefer to plan a natural burial. Alternatively, you could have the funeral service in one of the many places of worship in the area.

Why compare Gravesend funeral directors?

Comparing funeral directors in Gravesend will help you make an informed decision about who to choose. It may also help you stick to your budget. Funeral directors will each have different prices. So it’s a good idea to compare your options before planning. Use our directory to see Gravesend funeral directors’ costs and services side by side.

Find a crematorium in Gravesend

There’s one crematorium in Gravesend:

  • Thamesview Crematorium and Cemetery (privately owned) – modern crematorium with 2 chapels and 27-acre memorial park overlooking the Thames. Includes woodland burial area.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Gravesend

The main cemeteries in Gravesend include:

  • Gravesend Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Northfleet Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Riverview Natural Burial Ground (privately-owned)

You can find out more about Gravesend cemetery listings on the Gravesham council website.


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