Find funeral directors in Farnborough, Hampshire

If you’re planning a funeral, it’s useful to compare funeral homes so you can make a suitable choice. Our directory makes it easy to find and compare Farnborough funeral directors, including family-run funeral homes and names like Co-op and Dignity. Browse to see funeral directors in Farnborough, Aldershot and other parts of Rushmoor – all in one place.

Plan a funeral in Farnborough

Farnborough has options for religious and non-religious funerals. There are dozens of churches in town and several more places of worship nearby. Plus, the crematorium in Aldershot can cater to all faiths, as well as humanists and other non-religious people.

You’ll find 2 cemeteries in town and at least 2 more within the wider borough of Rushmoor. There’s also a natural burial ground not too far away in Ramsdell (close to Basingstoke).

Find a Farnborough crematorium

You won’t find a crematorium in Farnborough, but there’s one close by in Aldershot. It’s called The Park Crematorium, as it’s located on the grounds of Aldershot Park. The crematorium is run by Rushmoor Borough Council and serves several towns in north Hampshire.

Find a Farnborough cemetery or burial ground

There are 2 cemeteries within the town boundary:

  • Ship Lane Cemetery (council-run)
  • Victoria Road Cemetery (council-run)

These burial grounds are outside of Farnborough but are within easy driving distance:

  • Ibworth Woodlands Burial Grounds, Ramsdell (privately run)
  • Redan Road Cemetery, Aldershot (council-run)

Contact Rushmoor Borough Council if you have any queries about the council cemeteries.

Find places for a wake in Farnborough

Farnborough has many venues that could be good for a funeral wake. For instance, you could choose a favourite pub, a nice hotel or a restaurant that has special memories attached. Or, of course, you could have the wake at home instead.

View funeral wake venues in Farnborough.


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