Find funeral directors in East Kilbride

Compare a wide range of funeral directors in East Kilbride with our online directory. This simple online tool can help you plan a funeral at your own pace. Browse to see prices and listings for brands like Co-op, as well as independent East Kilbride funeral homes that have served the community for years. You’ll spot options in East Kilbride itself, as well as a few in south Glasgow.

Planning a funeral in East Kilbride

As a large town, East Kilbride is home to quite a few funeral venues. There is one cemetery on the north side of town, plus several more in surrounding areas like Phillipshill and Chapelton. The town also has one crematorium, set in landscaped gardens overlooking the Clyde Valley.

For a Christian funeral, you can choose from a wide variety of churches. A bit further out, you can access several mosques, gurdwaras and synagogues in Glasgow.

Why compare East Kilbride funeral directors?

Some funeral homes are more affordable than others. So if you want the best price for a funeral in East Kilbride, it’s a good idea to compare prices. You might find that your budget goes further than you thought.

It’s not just about cost, though. Let’s say you’re planning a certain kind of funeral – it could be a religious service or something completely unique. Comparing services means you can find a funeral parlour in East Kilbride that knows how to arrange the send-off you want.

Find an East Kilbride crematorium

Are you planning a cremation? There is one crematorium in East Kilbride – South Lanarkshire Crematorium.

Linn Crematorium is another option. This is actually in south Glasgow but is only a 15-minute drive from the centre of East Kilbride.

Find an East Kilbride cemetery or burial ground

There are several burial grounds in East Kilbride and nearby. These are:

  • Chapelton Cemetery (council-run)
  • East Kilbride Cemetery (council-run)
  • East Kilbride Old Parish Churchyard (council-run)
  • Glassford Cemetery (council-run)
  • Phillipshill Cemetery (council-run)
  • Strathaven Cemetery (council-run)

Some East Kilbride cemeteries may no longer allow burials. You can find more information on the South Lanarkshire Council website.

Are you planning an Islamic funeral? Cathcart Cemetery and Linn Cemetery in South Glasgow have dedicated sections for Muslim burials. There’s also a Quaker burial ground in nearby Chapelton.

Find venues for funeral wakes in East Kilbride

If you have the budget, you could hire a venue like a hotel function room, pub or restaurant. Here’s a list of suitable venues in East Kilbride.

Another option is to hold the funeral wake at home. This is more affordable and can feel very intimate and special.


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