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Here’s a simple way to find and compare Dorking funeral directors. Browse our directory below to see a range of independent and well-known funeral homes – as well as prices and contact details. We have listings for funeral directors in Dorking, Leatherhead, Ashtead and beyond, so you don’t have to look hard to find one near you.

Plan a funeral in Dorking

Dorking has one cemetery, several churches and a mosque. There’s another cemetery nearby in Leatherhead, as well as a crematorium. This crematorium has a large chapel that can accommodate any kind of funeral – religious or non-religious.

There are options for green burials in Dorking too. You can have a woodland burial at Dorking Cemetery, which is owned by the local council, or choose from several privately run natural burial grounds.

When you find a funeral director in Dorking, they’ll help you find a venue that suits the funeral you’re planning.

Find a Dorking crematorium

You’ll find one crematorium near Dorking. It’s called Randalls Park Crematorium, and it’s located on the grounds of Randalls Park Cemetery in Leatherhead. The crematorium is managed by a private company.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Dorking

There’s at least one traditional cemetery in Dorking and another close by:

  • Dorking Cemetery (council-run) – has a woodland burial site and an area for Islamic burials
  • Randalls Park Cemetery (privately run) – in Leatherhead

Visit the Mole Valley District Council website for more details.

There are also several privately managed green burial sites close to Dorking. Here are 4 that are within 30 miles:

  • Clandon Wood, near Guildford
  • Oakfield Wood, near Shamley Green
  • Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground, near Edenbridge
  • Clayton Wood, near Hassocks


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