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If you’re looking for Didsbury funeral homes, we’re here to help. Our directory lists a range of independent funeral directors, plus well-known names like Dignity and Funeral Partners. We’ve included prices and contact details too, so you can quickly compare costs or get in touch. Do you live nearby? As well as funeral directors in Didsbury, you’ll see listings for other Manchester suburbs such as Cheadle and Withington.

Plan a funeral in Didsbury

Because it’s part of Manchester and close to large towns like Stockport, Didsbury has lots of funeral options. You can choose from several cemeteries, at least 7 crematoriums and a wide range of religious venues.

Council-run green burial areas are available at the nearby Southern Cemetery in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, as well as Highfield Cemetery (in Bredbury) and Blackley Cemetery. Another option is the privately run Swanlow Park Cemetery in Cheshire, which is about 30 miles away.

Find a crematorium in Didsbury

There’s one crematorium very close to Didsbury. It’s called Manchester Crematorium and is located on the grounds of Southern Cemetery in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

Several more are within driving distance:

  • Agecroft Crematorium – 9 miles away
  • Altrincham Crematorium – 14 miles away
  • Dukinfield Crematorium – 14 miles away
  • Hollinwood Crematorium – 20 miles away
  • Peel Green Crematorium – 10 miles away
  • Stockport Crematorium – 5 miles away

Find a Didsbury cemetery or burial ground

Didsbury’s closest burial ground is Southern Cemetery. It’s managed by Manchester City Council and is the largest council-run cemetery in the UK. You’ll find it in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, just beyond Princess Road.

You can choose from many more burial grounds in Greater Manchester. These are within 6 miles of Didsbury:

  • Gorton Cemetery (run by Manchester City Council)
  • Mill Lane Cemetery, Cheadle (run by Stockport Council)
  • Park Road Cemetery, Cheadle (run by Stockport Council)
  • Sale Cemetery (run by Trafford Council)
  • Stockport Cemetery (run by Stockport Council)
  • Stretford Cemetery (run by Trafford Council)
  • Willow Grove Cemetery, Reddish (run by Stockport Council)

You can click the links above to visit the council websites and learn more about these cemeteries.

There’s also a private burial ground called Woodland Cemetery. This is near the village of Worsley in Salford.


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