Find funeral directors in Darlington 

Looking for a funeral director in Darlington? Our online directory has the info you need in one place. Whether it’s well-known organisations such as Co-op or local names like Darlington Funeral Service, our listings cover all your options, so you can compare and decide. Browse funeral homes across this market town and make an informed choice.

Planning a funeral in Darlington 

If you’re planning a funeral in Darlington, you have the option of one of the three cemeteries or the crematorium:

  • West Cemetery
  • East Cemetery
  • North Cemetery
  • Darlington Crematorium

Alongside these choices there are also several religious settings and places of worship. From the Gurdwara Singh Sabha temple to St Augustine’s R C Church and St Cuthbert’s C Of E Church, there are options to suit many faiths.

Find a Darlington crematorium 

Darlington’s crematorium can be found on Carmel Road North. The crematorium is in the grounds of West Cemetery and has two gardens of remembrance. The building itself contains a chapel which can be used for religious and non-religious funeral services. For more information about the town’s crematorium, visit the council’s website.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Darlington 

There are three main cemeteries in Darlington. These are:

  • West Cemetery (includes two areas for those of Jewish faith)
  • North Cemetery (alongside those who are of Church Of England and Catholic faith, there is also an area for those of Muslim faith)
  • East Cemetery (this is the smallest of the three)

Each one is owned and run by the council. You can find more information on the council website. 

Funeral costs in Darlington 

Costs of planning a funeral in Darlington can vary for a number of reasons including the type of service you have, the funeral director you choose and the day the funeral service is held. That’s why it’s always a good idea to compare prices. Our directory makes it easier to see costs side-by-side and choose the option that’s right for you.


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