Find funeral directors in Corby

If you’re searching for funeral directors in Corby, we’re here for you. Using our directory, you’ll find both independent family-run funeral homes and familiar names like Co-op Funeralcare and Dignity. Our listings cover Corby and the surrounding areas so no matter where you are in town, you’ll be able to find the right choice.

Planning a funeral in Corby

If you’re planning a funeral in Corby, it’s helpful to know what options are available. There is one crematorium and 6 cemeteries within 15 miles of the town. For religious services, there are several churches in the town and one mosque.

Why compare Corby funeral costs?

Funeral costs depend on factors like the service you want, the coffin or urn you choose, and the funeral director you go with. That’s why it’s useful to compare funeral costs before making final arrangements. Our directory helps you compare funeral costs in one place so you can make an informed choice.

Find a Corby crematorium

If you’re looking for a Corby crematorium, there is one within 15 miles:

  • Kettering Warren Hill Crematorium (council-owned) – based in Kettering. Has 2 chapels with toilets and accessible facilities.

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Corby

There is one cemetery found in Corby:

  • Shire Lodge Lawn Cemetery (council-owned) – recently extended to include a lawn cemetery and space for memorials.

There are also 5 more cemeteries found within 15 miles:

  • Brigstock Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Desborough Cemetery (council-owned)
  • London Road Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Rothwell Cemetery (council-owned)
  • Rothwell Road Cemetery (council-owned)


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