Find funeral directors in Christchurch

If you’re searching for funeral directors in Christchurch, we’re here to help. Use our directory to compare funeral costs in your local area and find the right option for you.

Planning a funeral in Christchurch

If you’re planning a funeral in Christchurch, Dorset, there’s a variety of options to choose from. There are several cemeteries in the area and a crematorium in nearby Bournemouth. There are also several woodland burial sites in the surrounding area if a natural burial is a more fitting option for the funeral you’re organising.

Why compare Christchurch funeral directors?

Comparing funeral directors in Christchurch gives you the opportunity to find someone to help you plan the funeral you’d prefer for a loved one. It also means you can have a closer look at funeral costs in Christchurch and the surrounding area too. Use our directory to find Christchurch funeral homes that are within your budget and suitable for the funeral you’re organising.

Find a crematorium in Christchurch

If you’re organising a cremation the nearest crematorium is in Bournemouth:

  • Bournemouth Crematorium (council owned): the crematorium is on the grounds of North Cemetery in Bournemouth. It has two chapels. One is for larger services and the other is for small groups so you can choose the venue that best suits the funeral you’re planning.

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Christchurch

There are several cemeteries in Christchurch as well as woodland burials grounds in the wider area. These include:

  • Christchurch Cemetery (council owned)
  • St Mark’s Cemetery (council owned)
  • Sopley Cemetery (council owned)
  • Ringwood Cemetery (council owned)
  • Hinton Park Woodland Burial Ground (privately owned)
  • Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground (privately owned)
  • Poole and Wimbourne Woodland Burial Ground (privately owned)

Find more info about Christchurch cemeteries and nearby crematoriums on the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council website.


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